IHOP (N University Dr): 15 Year Old Moe Delivers Great Service While Helping Feed Homeless

It was a typical weekend for one middle aged couple. They woke up one weekend morning and decided to go to their local IHOP to get breakfast. They typically split a Breakfast Sampler platter costing about $10.59 and was blown away by the service they received from one young waiter. The waiter's name was Moe or MoeMoe as his co-workers call him. He is the 15 year old son of the current IHOP manager located at 6151 University Drive NW in Huntsville. 

Moe has helped his father out for three years and is already a veteran waiter at only 15 years of age. 

"He had a big smile the entire time! He was friendly, helpful and joy to be around. He also provided the best service I have ever had in my life at a restaurant." 

University Drive is known for its homeless population, since many individuals wait around the area until they can get help from the North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, located just off University on Sparkman Drive.

When the couple asked for accommodations in splitting the Breakfast Sampler between them, Moe made sure to bring them extra plates and even separated their pancakes, with a few extra on top. The kindness Moe showed that day ended up feeding a homeless man.

"We were so inspired by this young man's bright attitude toward his work and the world that we took the leftover food, which Moe boxed up for us nicely, and delivered it to one of the homeless individuals in our neighborhood. We live right down from the homeless shelter."

We could all learn a few things from MoeMoe. The couple ended up leaving a $44.68 tip for the inspiring young man. A throwback to the passing of the great Martin Luther King who died on April 4, 1968 fighting for the civil rights of the American people. 

In the end, Moe proved a little kindness goes a long way. As the great Martin Luther King once said, "“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

Watch the kind act of love here:

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