The Misadventures of Olivia Goodwell - Part 3

The wind blew fiercely against the old panes of the bedroom window. A big snowstorm was approaching, and everyone was scurrying about like little worker ants for winter. She curled up on her bed and pulled the quilt closer to her. She put on her favorite tv show and started to weep. 

Everything inside her seemed to spill over. Every time she had felt unloved, unheard, and unseen. It all boiled to the top and she finally had to release it. None of the people she loved came back. She let them all go and not one made its way back to her. She finally got what she always wanted --she was completely and utterly alone.

Not one person cared if she was alive, and she didn't know what to do with that. Her heart ached. It screamed. It beat so hard - her chest rumbled. She found out that night just because you put all your love out there, doesn't mean you will get any of it back. 

They took her whole heart with them and left her broken and confused. It was time for her to let them all go. Every last one. She had to work on rebuilding herself and who she was. She had to cut herself loose from the emotions bogging her down. She swore that day not to care about anyone ever again. She didn't need them. She survived this long without anyone really caring, why would she need any of them now? At the end of the day, she was everything she needed. And she needed to take care of herself for once. 

"Will it change anything?" she asked God. She then covered up and drifted off to sleep. 

At 12:00 A.M. sharp, Olivia fell asleep and sunk into a deep dream, one dream that would change her life forever. 

"Where can you go at 4 A.M. in the morning?" a handsome stranger replied. 

Olivia jerks her eyes open to find this man in a dark grey suit standing over her.

"You are all shook up. The people around you never want you to stop. You want people to brave a snowstorm to see you?" the man said once again. 

It was then she found herself in a great snowstorm, wearing all white. The handsome gentleman was gone. And before her stood a street. There was a sign just out of sight she couldn't quite make out. She moved closer to the sign and could make out the words, but the words vanished before she could read them. A red door then magically appeared. She then stepped through. She wandered if the answers to all of her questions awaited her on the other side. 

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