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Internship Program

Internship Program

Job/Internship Type:
Unpaid Internship

Company/Publication Name:
BioGamer Girl Magazine

Fyffe, Alabama

BioGamer Girl is an internationally-distributed US publication dedicated to females in the genres of horror and gaming since 2010. However, the BioGamer Girl brand stretches far into other popular culture mediums such as movies, television, comics, toys, radio and websites. BioGamer Girl is currently looking to expand its staff by offering unpaid internships through the Frightful Learning Program. Frightful Learning is looking for bright-minded, hard-working individuals who can bring fresh ideas and insightful information to an already popular publication.

Frightful Learning interns will be treated equally on the BioGamer Girl staff. They will be expected to turn in properly formatted articles by each deadline. Early entries are encouraged, but late submissions may be grounds for termination. Detailed instructions can be found on the BioGamer Girl website under Submission Guidelines. Interns will not receive payment for their work or free magazines, but they will receive real journalistic job experience and have their work published in the magazine. Letters of recommendation will be awarded once an internship is completed, and magazine pages can be used as tear sheets for future job interviews. Frightful Learning internships last for three months each, but they can continue for as long as both parties agree. During the three month period, interns will be published in at least one magazine, but additional work may be requested during the period.The program hopes to help train, inspire and promote the minds of tomorrow by aiding aspiring journalists with quality experience and mentorship.

If you are an interested college student and/or writer, send your resume and samples of work to biogamergirl@live.com.

Please read the following before submitting to BGG Media.

 I agree to allow BGG (BioGamer Girls), located in Dekalb County, AL the exclusive right to use any portion of, or all of, each of my works, including but not limited to: short stories, poems, essays, commentaries, interviews, lyrics, jokes, recipes, how to, lists, dreams, and any other submissions including photography, painted images, and/or drawings, for one year on their website and online and print magazine by and about gaming, girlz, and horror culture to be displayed at: www.biogamergirl.com, or other affiliate website(s).

1.    I am the sole owner and copyright holder of the submission/s and have the right to allow BGG to publish my submission/s without infringing on the ownership or copyright of others; and take full responsibility thereof.
2.    I understand that BGG has no control over who might read the magazine, nor have control over the amount of readers it may have and/or subsequent reactions that may or may not be caused by my submissions, so therefore, I hold BGG not liable to any or all abuse that may or may not result from reactions to my creative/literary works.
3.    BGG will actively publicize the magazine whenever and wherever it sees fit, and as such I agree to not hold BGG liable for limited reactions to my submission or seek financial compensation with a wide release.
4.    I will not submit anything that is not rights-free without first clearing the rights in a signed document and submitting a copy of it to BGG via fax, email, or postage
5.    I understand that BGG has no involvement, legal or otherwise, and is not responsible for my misdirection or misinterpretations of any submission that I have not cleared the rights for.
6.    This Release Form will cover all of my submissions from October 1, 2012 until October 1, 2013.
7.    I understand that BGG may need to edit my submission/s and agree to edit works in a timely manner if asked, and to accept edits if published without my consent.
8.    I understand that BGG may or may not use my submission/s, or may decide to use only a portion of my submission/s, but by entering into this agreement I have given BGG the option to use the submission/s in any way that BGG sees fit until October 1, 2013.
9.    I understand that all submissions are In-kind and my only compensation will be credit.
10.  For legal purposes, I must receive credit under my name as on the copyright and/or registration or a pseudonym that is acceptable to the copyright, registration, and myself.  If the submission/s is not copy-written or registered, the credit will be under my legal name. However, if I choose not to receive credit, I must email or post BGG a written request along with the submission/s.
11.    I understand that once a submission is made it cannot be withdrawn.
12.    I understand that BGG is a nonprofit organization in the state of Alabama. 

**By submitting the form below, you agree to the above terms.

BGG Exclusive Use Release Form

You will be redirected to confirm your submission.
By submitting this form you hereby state that you have read all of the above and agree to those conditions. After submitting the release form, email your submissions for the magazine and/or website to biogamergirl@live.com

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