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Ms BioGamer Girl Event

Con Nooga is a multi-fandom convention that takes place at the legendary Chattanooga Choo Choo. The event features many famous guests from various forms of entertainment fields including actors, artists, authors, musicians and paranormal investigators. Of course, the convention also hosts numerous special events including fashion shows, parade, Q&A panels and Ms. BioGamer Girl. Ms. BioGamer Girl replaced the former Ms. Con Nooga beauty pageant, and the new event was sponsored and hosted by BioGamer Girl Magazine. Ms. BioGamer Girl not only judged its participants based on beauty, but the girls also needed to possess unique skills, addictive personalities and be knowledgeable about horror and gaming—the two genres that define what BioGamer Girl is all about.

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 To learn more visit the Con Nooga and BioGamer Girl websites.

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