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Name: Amanda Dyar
Location: Dawson, Alabama
Job Duties: Editor-In-Chief/Design/Founder/CEO
Gamertag: BioGamerGirl
Favorite Games: Resident Evil Outbreak, Left 4 Dead
Current Games: Dead Rising 3
Websites:  Facebook, IMDb, Undead Noise, Twitter
Name: Cindy Lennox
Location: Raccoon City
Job Duties: Marketing & Productions Coordinator/Writer
Gamertag: Cindylennox
Favorite Games: Resident Evil
Current Games: Resident Evil Outbreak
Website: Facebook, IMDb

Name: Miss A.C.
Location: Candy Land, Alabama
Job Duties: Associate Editor
Gamertag: PrincessAlissa
Favorite Games: Sims Pets, Farmville
Current Games: Roblox
Website: IMDb, Rainbows & Lollipops

Name: S.W. Biscuit
Location: Bedrock City 
Job Duties: Associate Editor
Gamertag: AdoptiveBiscuit
Favorite Games: World of Warcraft, Saints Row IV
Current Games: Minecraft, Garry's Mod
Website: IMDb

Name: Mr. Smith
Location: Poth, Texas
Job Duties: Associate Editor
Gamertag: ProShot
Favorite Games: Halo Reach, Madden NFL 25
Current Games: NBA 2K14, Halo 4
Website: IMDb

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