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BioGamer Girl's Undead Noise TV is where we conduct all of our interviews, reviews, news and other fun happenings LIVE for the world to see! If you would like to be on our television show then email bggproductions@LIVE.com to schedule your booking today! If you are unable to make a physical appearance in our studio located in Dekalb County, Alabama then we can also interview you via phone on our show.

 About Undead Noise TV

Undead Noise follows the life of one aspiring reporter looking for the perfect interview as told through her Internet radio program also called Undead Noise. As she soon finds out, her dream may be harder to achieve than she first anticipated as she experiences many problems along the way including technical difficulties, late guests on a live show, and her quirky co-host. Of course, her problems are not limited to what actually happens on the show, and sometimes it becomes a struggle just for her to show up to her own show on time. Mistress Barbie, her interview moniker on the show, may end up being the person that learns the meaning of pain and suffering before her dreams can be realized.

Find us on IMDB here: Undead Noise 
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BioGamer Girl's Growing Up Digital is a new talk show that discusses life, entertainment and most importantly--video games! The show is hosted by BGG founders Amanda Dyar and Alissa Worley.

The show airs live every Tuesday and archived channels can be found on BioGamer Girl's YouTube Channel. 

Learn more about the show on IMBD:
That's Life: Growing Up Digital
Undead Noise is also a radio show featuring news from the entertainment & gaming universe with exclusive interviews from some of the biggest people in the industry. Hosted by Mistress Barbie, the radio show is quickly becoming a leading platform for entertainment fans and gaming enthusiasts. So tune-in & call-in; tell the damned about all your fantasies.

Join Mistress Barbie for all of your horror fixes as she interviews people from the entertainment and gaming industry. The call in number is (714) 242-6107. The archived and live shows can be found here.  

This radio show is used for LIVE and PRIVATE interviews.
The private interviews can then be transcribed and put in issues of BioGamer Girl Magazine.

Find out more about Undead Noise at our Fabulous Facebook page, linking the world to our wonderful partners and affiliates: http://www.facebook.com/pages/BGGs-Undead-Noise/112073528865769
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