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Slow Down, Bull (Video Game Review)

By : Cindy Lennox on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 | 8:44 AM

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nowadays, games tend to have fancy graphics and complex gameplay, but there are titles such as Slow Down Bull that step aside from the normal AAA fandom in order to create an experience that is simple, yet very appealing.

In Slow Down Bull, you take control of a bull named Esteban that wants to collect all the possible art that can be encountered within the level. The title focuses a lot on the interaction that you, the bull, have with the environment and the things you do when you explore the large game world.

There are 5 different areas that you can explore as you see fit, and each one comes with its own range of challenges. The main idea still remains that you have to collect as much art as possible that was scattered in the game world by steering the bull. However, do not stress the bull by moving too many times, as this can increase the stress level of the animal and it will lead to numerous issues.

When stressed, the bull will attack other people in the game world and he will also destroy items, so you need to ensure that he maintains his right direction. Sometimes, Annette the bullcatcher will be sent towards you in order to stop your rampage, and you have to avoid her at all costs. Thankfully, there are numerous critter friends that will help you during your battles, and that leads to an astounding, unique and highly amusing game experience that you will surely enjoy.

Each level can be replayed as many times as you want, something that’s really nice and encourages the race for a higher score, but at the same time you can also find out secrets and explore new game mechanics as you progress, which I think it’s actually really cool and exciting.

The controls in Slow Down Bull are very responsive, but based on my experience I do recommend a gamepad, mainly because as you progress you will have to deal with a variety of hazards that just make the game a lot more challenging than you would expect. While the gameplay can become twitch based at times, it is a really cool experience and a very good concept that’s well worth following at all times.

Having possums that cling and double your scores or the bullcatcher that tries to eliminate you from the game really makes Slow Down Bull different and very interesting, so I had a blast exploring the levels and advancing through them. Graphics are stunning in this game, and they do manage to make the title very fun. The style they used to create this game is very fun and exciting, and I always feel a connection with the game world. The developers did a great job when it comes to the level design, and the title just does a stellar job in this regard.

All in all, I recommend Slow Down Bull to anyone that wants a solid, arcade based experience. The fact that the developer donates half of the income that the game produces to charity makes this even more appealing, since you do help a good cause while also having fun with a cute little game. Overall, Slow Down Bull is well worth a purchase, so I encourage you to give it a try, you will enjoy it for sure!

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for PC
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