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Kabam Announces Marvel Contest of Champions At San Diego Comic Con 2014

By : Amanda Dyar on Sunday, July 27, 2014 | 10:08 PM

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kabam has announced a new immersive title for mobile devices entitled Marvel Contest of Champions at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The new release will allow players to fight their way through some of the most iconic locations from the Marvel Universe with the ability to collect their favorite heroes that includes Spider-Man, Captain America and more. Read on.

From the Press Release
At San Diego Comic-Con’s Marvel Video Games panel, Kabam, the leader in the western world for free-to-play games for traditional players, announced Marvel Contest of Champions, an immersive, high-action, high-fidelity super hero combat game for mobile devices. In development at Kabam’s Vancouver studio, players fight their way through iconic locations from the Marvel Universe and collect their favorite Marvel super heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor to build their ultimate team of champions. Marvel Contest of Champions is slated to release on App Stores worldwide Fall 2014.

To learn more, visit the official Marvel Contest of Champions Facebook page.

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Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Gets New Teaser Trailer Straight From San Diego Comic Con 2014

Little Orbit has announced the release of a brand new teaser trailer for Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom straight from this year's San Diego Comic Con. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom trailer was created by Penleton Ward with voice-over work by Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio. Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release
The voiceover in the Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom trailer is done by Pendleton Ward (creator of the Adventure Time show on Cartoon Network), Jeremy Shada (Finn) and John DiMaggio (Jake).

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom to debut on Steam, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this November.

In Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, players take on the personas of both Finn and Jake as they navigate through the eponymous kingdom - a mysterious unexplored region in the Land of Ooo. They will discover hidden secrets by exploring all corners of a new kingdom created exclusively for the game and encounters with never-seen-before characters and creatures.

To learn more, visit the official Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom website.

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Twistory Entertainment Studios and World Poker Tour Reveal New Partnership For Belle's War

Twistory Entertainment Studios has revealed a brand-new partnership with World Poker Tour to produce a series of original TV segments of Belle's War to be featured in upcoming episodes of the World Poker Tour. Belle's War is now available for iOS, Android and Amazon platforms. Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release
Twistory Entertainment Studios announced today a joint partnership with World Poker Tour® (WPT®), the leader in internationally televised poker tournaments. Twistory Entertainment Studios merges the art of story telling with technology by producing a series of original television segments of Belle’s War that will be incorporated into upcoming episodes of the World Poker Tour.

In each segment, Belle, played by Danielle Vasinova, will square off live against two poker players from the WPT in heads-up matches of her iconic game Belle’s War, currently available on all mobile platforms. Belle’s War players who finish among the top 13 on the mobile game’s leaderboard will be eligible to appear as a contestant in a WPT segment featuring Belle. The game is set in Belle’s very own custom-built railcar, from the original graphic novel series, on a custom Belle’s War table.

The World Poker Tour and Belle’s War will air on Fox Sports Net (FSN). For more information about WPT airdates please contact your local service provider.

Clicktotweet:@Twistorytweets and @WPT pin worlds best poker players against a digital icon #gaming #poker

About Belle’s War
Available on IOS, Android and Amazon platforms, Belle’s War is the stylishly addictive take on the classic card game WAR. The game is set in the fantasy Wild West of the 1860’s and stars the world’s most adventurous super-heroine Belle as she teaches you how to play her version of the game. It’s “War,” the original card battle game played in just 90 seconds with a few extra twists. Explore the world of Belle’s War at

About Twistory Entertainment Studios
Twistory Entertainment was founded in 2009 by film director and writer Christopher “mink” Morrison and Karl Wolfe with a studio model that connects publication, digital film and video games together to create compelling brands driven by great stories across all platforms. Wolfe draws upon his experience with top studios such as Warner Bros., MGM, Paramount and Universal, as well as major television networks and music companies, to bring Twistory into the forefront of entertainment. Brands includeOuch Couch! a smash-hit couch racing game featuring the entertainment group The Janoskians,Shinjuku, a stunning graphic art novel from mink and the legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy), and upcoming feature-length animated film produced by acclaimed animation artist and director Robert Valley, World War II adventure graphic series Dust Wars, by storywriter Morrison and Italian illustrator and designer Paolo Parente and the forthcoming children’s series Paper Girls. All Twistory stories can be found in Twistory’s bi-monthly magazine available in print and digitally on all platforms. For more information go to:

About World Poker Tour
World Poker Tour (WPT) is the premier name in internationally televised gaming and entertainment with brand presence in land-based tournaments, television, online, and mobile. Leading innovation in the sport of poker since 2002, WPT ignited the global poker boom with the creation of a unique television show based on a series of high-stakes poker tournaments. WPT has broadcast globally in more than 150 countries and territories, and is currently producing its 12th season, which will air on FSN in the United States. Season XII of WPT is sponsored by, a unique online membership site that offers inside access to the WPT, as well as a sweepstakes-based poker club available in 35 states across the United States. also sponsors Season I of the new WPT Alpha8 series of super-high roller poker tournaments which is currently in production and which will air on FOX Sports 1 in the United States. WPT participates in strategic brand license, partnership, and sponsorship opportunities. WPT Enterprises Inc. is a subsidiary of bwinparty digital entertainment plc. For more information, go to
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New Just Dance 2015 Contest Announced With Chance For Fans To Have Their Image Appear On The Game's Cover

Ubisoft has revealed that gamers can now enter a new contest for Just Dance 2015 in they are located within the United States. If you have ever dreamed of having your image featured on the front of a video game then this is the perfect chance! Read on to learn how to enter and get started on the new Just Dance 2015 contest before it ends on July 28th.

From the Press Release
Ubisoft today announced that Just Dance 2015, the latest installment of the popular dance game franchise, will be holding a contest in the U.S. to find a lucky fan and give them the opportunity to feature their image on the front cover of the game in U.S. The contest is open July, 25th through July 28th and fans are to submit a selfie along with their best Just Dance story and #MyJustDanceStory via Instagram.

To enter, fans should follow these simple steps:

  • Follow @justdancegame on Instagram.
  • Take an original selfie photo showing off their “Just Dance” face or pose, and make sure their profile is set to public so we can view the entry.
  • Write about their favorite #MyJustDanceStory in the caption of the photo and use the special hashtag. Stories can be inspirational, funny, serious, etc.
  • Just Dance (@JustDanceGame) will select and regram their favorite 5 stories, so fans can vote for their favorite #MyJustDanceStory post by hitting the “like” button.
  • On August 1, the selfie that receives the most likes will be announced as the winner! The winner will also receive a video game console of their choice and a copy of Just Dance 2015 when it launches on October 21st.

“We’re constantly blown away by our loyal fan base and we owe so much of the game’s success to those who play Just Dance with their friends and family,” said Jason Altman, Just Dance Executive Producer. “So as a way to show our appreciation, Just Dance 2015 will be the first video game to feature a fan on the front of its game.”

With more than 50 million games sold in the franchise since its debut in 2009, Just Dance has become a pop-culture phenomenon played by fans all over the world. This year’s tracklist includes “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Summer” by Calvin Harris, “Burn” by Ellie Goulding, “Problem” by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and many more.

To learn more, visit the official Just Dance 2015 website.
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Petsmounts Now Available In Ankama’s WAKFU

Ankama's WAKFU has received new Petsmounts for the MMORPG title. The new addition of Petsmounts will allow players to travel across the game world at a much faster speed alongside the addition of new stats for the characters. Gamers can get the new Petsmounts through completing a quest or on the WAKFU shop. Read on to learn more.

Petsmounts are now available for Ankama’s MMORPG, WAKFU. The “Dragoturkeys” are creatures that allow players to ride faster and benefit from additional stats. This new feature will be available for all through a quest, and also in the WAKFU shop. The Petsmount can be customized in the same way as a Pet and it will have a cosmetic inventory that will be allow players to change its costume at their convenience.

To learn more, visit the official Wakfu website.

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Transformers Universe Reveals New Content That Includes Motorcycles and New Bots

Jagex has revealed that Transformers Universe now has motorcycles in the MOBA game. Players can also look forward to two new bots that includes Swagger and Diabla and the ability to access bots with greater levels of agility in their vehicle form alongside new abilities like cloaking. Read on to learn more.

From the Press Release
Jagex will proudly introduce motorcycles into the free third-person MOBA game, TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE this week. The launch of the two bots -- Swagger (Autobot) and Diabla (Decepticon) -- is set to shake up the epic battles already being waged in game, and marks the first time that new combatants will make an entrance since the move into Open Beta. The debut of motorcycles in TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE will provide players with access to bots with greater levels of agility in vehicle form, as well as new abilities -- such as invisibility cloaking -- for advanced battle tactics.

An Interceptor-class bot suitable for hit and run tactics, Swagger is the first fighter in the game to pack a cloaking device. This makes him an extremely deadly opponent to face in battle, especially if Decepticon players find themselves with reduced defenses.

A damage-focused Decepticon with defenses that allow her to stay in the heat of battle for longer, Diabla gives players the capability to roam the battle map, focus on a single target, and take them offline without a second thought. Both Swagger and Diabla dish out more damage than other bots when in vehicular form, which also provides them with greater levels of agility when hunting down targets.

"We have already seen some truly heroic battles being played out in our first weeks of Open Beta, but the introduction of these agile bots will bring a new dimension for both Autobot and Decepticon players alike," announced David Nicholson, vice president of TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. "As the first bots to roll out since we entered Open Beta at the start of July, Swagger and Diabla represent our continued commitment to delivering regular content updates, an extensive range of characters, and real depth of combat."

To learn more, visit the official Transformers Universe website.
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