Kayla Perkins (Interview) - Undead Noise

On Wednesday, March 9, 2011, we had special guest Kayla Perkins on Undead Noise. Kayla is a hard working actress and model who has been in films such as Window with a View, Mountain Mafia, Into the Darkness, Country Strong, Secretariat, Soup Kitchen, Hell House, The Legacy, Hell-ephone, and Santa Claus Vs the Zombies to name a few. Kayla is a very down to earth and family oriented person who values time spent with family and her education over all else. It was a pleasure having Kayla on the show and some of the topics talked about was paranormal, conventions, charity work and film experiences. An exclusive interview and article with Kayla is also featured in the first issue of BioGamer Girl magazine.

Listen to the interview with Kayla here.
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Visit Kayla's website at http://www.kaylaperkins.com to learn more about her projects and to keep up to date with her scheduled appearances.

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