Fable Heroes (Video Game Review)

Fable Heroes is the newest release to the notorious Fable universe. In Lionhead Studios’ newest outing, you take control of one of 12 adorable doll-like heroes from the world of Albion as you attempt to slay the monsters ravaging the land and get yourself a nice payday while you're at it! This isn't your typical Fable game, which are normally third-person RPGs that allow you to explore the world at your whim and do whatever you'd like in the game.

Instead, Fable Heroes plays similar to classic beat 'em ups with plenty of unique qualities and Fable humor mixed in for good measure. You'll battle through 8 different stages based on the world of Albion with three allies, which will either be controlled by AI or another human player locally or online. You'll battle through hordes of cute and cuddly versions of enemies found throughout the Fable series such as beetles, hobbes and balverines, and you may even encounter a boss at the end of stages.  

Fable Heroes has many unique differences that separate it from other games in the genre however. You'll gain coins for killing enemies, destroying special items and scenery and performing other acts throughout the game, and while this isn't a new concept, you'll actually use the in-game currency to level up your characters in between stages in a mini game/board game. Earn enough coins, and you'll be allowed to roll dice and purchase whichever upgrade tile on which you land. This can be a long process when playing with four people, and this makes you rely much more on luck than skill when upgrading your character, but it's a unique leveling system that is a nice break from the combat heavy stages.

Other cool features include becoming ghosts when you die that can still fight alongside your teammates but can't collect money, a choice of direction that leads to either a mini game or a boss fight on most stages and an ability to play through the game with revamped backgrounds on a tougher difficulty upon completing the game. Of course, Fable Heroes has that familiar Fable charm that includes cool character designs, smooth animations and an overall pleasant graphical presentation.

The music in the game is charming and captivating as well. The game also contains fancy menus and an in-game tutorial breaking down everything you need to know about the game including the somewhat complex leveling up mechanic. If you've ever enjoyed games like Castle Crashers or the classic X-Men or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games, this game is for you. Fable Heroes goes above and beyond other games in the genre and is a phenomenal game to play online, cooperatively with you family or online with your buddies. There is simply nothing to dislike about a game that is this addictive. It's not your traditional Fable game, but it's just as fun as or more entertaining than the other installments to the great series. Buy Fable Heroes with confidence.

Game Features

  • Offline Co-op 1-4
  • Online Co-op 1-4
  • DLC Support
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievement Support

  • Game Information

    Developer: Lionhead Studios
    Publisher: Microsoft
    Rated: E for Mild Fantasy Violence
    Platform: Xbox 360
    Exclusive Release Date: May 2, 2012

    Score: 9.5 out of 10
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