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Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood (Book Review)

Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood is a new book from author Jamie Russell who is known for his work as editor for Total Film Magazine and contributing writer for Edge. In his new book, Russell guides you through eight compelling chapters chock full of vital information to the fall and rise of the gaming industry and how it has affected Hollywood. The book begins with an informative look into how the Atari 2600 game E.T. nearly ended the video game industry before it ever really got going, and it continues to go through the rise of the gaming industry to give an opinionated look at how gaming has changed the way a younger generation approaches their entertainment media of choice.

You'll also find a fitting epilogue upon completion of the book which will leave you with a feeling of a renewed respect and deeper understanding for both the gaming and film industries. Each chapter of the book then gives readers a more detailed look into the gaming industry including chapters that cover how Tron was one of the first films that attempted to reach out to gamers, how highly popular games such as Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider paved the way for movies based on video games and how big film directors such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg began using video games as another media to deliver their epic stories and visions.

Of course, each chapter is historically accurate showing the author really knows the ins and outs of the gaming industry, and much of the data is based from the many interviews with professionals in the industry to further provide authentic information. If you pick up one book to read this year, make it Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood. Any gamer needs to have a deep understanding of how the videogame industry got to where it is now, and this book is a perfect lesson in just that. Both industries owe a lot to each other and can continue to learn secrets and tips from one another, and we, as gamers and film audiences, will be the great beneficiaries of these great collaborations. After all, nothing is better than a combination of your two favorite passions into one great product.

Book Information

Jamie Russell
Yellow Ant
April 16, 2012
Pages: 321
Rating: 9 out of 10
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