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The Promised Land (Video Game Review)

The Promised Land is the newest title from Alawar Entertainment. The new strategy game tasks you with building up a civilization using the resources of a foreign land with a limited amount of crew members from your ship. The crew's ultimate goal is to find the Spring of Eternal Happiness and claim it for their home country.

For now, you'll have to gather food and supplies and build up a variety of buildings to house all of the materials you'll need on your journey. There are dangers in this land however; you must always worry about invading pirates who wish to claim yours goods for their own and find the legendary spring before you.

Helping you along your journey will be your advisor Isabel Right. Isabel will teach you how to get the most out of your workers, how to harvest and utilize the natural resources all around you, how to build up necessary buildings for a successful colony and other important facts you'll need to know to survive in the untamed wilderness.

You'll eventually gather more and more characters that will help you find the Spring of Eternal Happiness, but it never becomes too overwhelming since workers complete tasks and feed themselves automatically. Up to eight different buildings can be constructed during your journey including houses, a town hall and buildings in which to store your materials and supplies. Other useful buildings can be constructed later in the game that will prevent dangers to your colonists such as a hospital to heal the sick and a fort used to fight off enemies. Many buildings can also be upgraded multiple times to unlock much needed additional benefits.

The Promised Land is a fairly long game featuring a massive world and over 24 hours of gameplay. The game is presented from an almost top-down camera angle that allows you to quickly zoom to different areas when needed. A fantastic HUD helps you keep track of what tasks lie ahead, what buildings and upgrades are available, where you are on the map, how your colonists are feeling and other helpful features. The game's step-by-step tutorial is also available should you get confused on what to do next. The Promised Land features nicely animated characters who each have their own unique looks and facial features. The world is also expertly designed with rich vibrant colors of the wildlife meshing well with the background noises, music and storyline.

The Promised Land is a wonderful strategy game that will have you caught up in its addictive gameplay for hours at a time. It's cute charm and storyline combines with simplistic controls to allow anyone to pick up and play this title. With a long campaign, you'll keep coming back multiple times before you actually complete the game, but you'll want to, because the game is so fun. Buy The Promised Land with confidence!

Game Features:
  • Complete Freedom of Play
  • 24+ Hours of Gameplay
  • Up to 50 Player-Controlled Characters
  • Huge, Untamed World to Explore
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Game Information:
    Developer: Boolat Games
    Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
    Not Rated 
    Available exclusively on PC
    Release Date: June 28, 2012

    Score: 9 out of 10
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