Award Winning Mobile Game Fieldrunners Comes to Mac App Store

Subatomic Studio's has finished the Mac version of their award winning tower defense game Fieldrunners, complete with all of the content from the original title as well as the additional 5 weapons and levels released as downloadable content. Fieldrunners originally launched in 2008 quickly becoming one of the best selling iOS franchises of all time as well as being featured by Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 video games of 2008, a list occupied by AAA titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV and Rock Band 2.

Some may now ask, if Fieldrunners 2 will be getting the same treatment as the original. “Bringing the original Fieldrunners to as many platforms as possible was a big part of our strategy with the brand,” commented Marketing and PR Manager, Alex Shobin. "We're all very eager to see what kind of reception the original Fieldrunners receives in the Mac Store."

For the meager price of $6.99 you can experience some of the best tower defense gameplay that iOS has to offer.
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