Play Wreck-It Ralph the Video Game and See the Hit Film During the Same Week

Disney will be releasing their next hit film Wreck-It Ralph in theaters on November 2, 2012, but before the movie hits the box office, Wreck-It Ralph will be released in his brand new video game on October 30, 2012. Wreck-It Ralph the video will allow you to play with your favorite characters from the film such as Ralph and Fix-It Felix on an adventure to save the arcade and make Ralph a hero. You'll solve plenty of exciting puzzles along the way and do battle with a variety of nasty enemies in order to stop the Cy-bug invasion. Check out the new sneak peak trailer for Wreck-It Ralph the video game below and go out and preorder your copy of the game on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS today!

Wreck-It Ralph is now available for preorder from most major retailers for the MSRP of $29.99 on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS and $24.99 on Nintendo DS and is scheduled to release on October 30, 2012. Wreck-It Ralph is rated E by the ESRB for Mild Cartoon Violence. For more information on Wreck-It Ralph, check out the official Activision website.

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