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The Great Showdowns (Book Review)

Confrontations have been around for as long as man has walked the Earth, and their historical significance can vary from person to person and cause yet another confrontation all on their own. While its impossible to accurately gauge any one confrontation, there are two things we of which we can always be sure: Great Showdowns will continue to enrage, thrill or otherwise excite us, and Scott Campbell will continue to chronicle the best of the best within his great artwork. With his new book The Great Showdowns, you will have a chance to own over 140 pages worth of Scott Campbell's artwork and see his unique take on many of the best confrontations that have ever played out in the history of cinema.

The Great Showdowns isn't just a publication for art fans, because this special print is all about the best showdowns ever featured in movies. You'll find anything from Neo versus Agent Smith to Morgan Spurlock facing down a McDonald's cheeseburger in the pages of the book, and yet, the simplistic design and lighthearted approach of the drawings will be sure to put you in a better mood each time your encounter a new piece of art. You don't have to be an art connoisseur to enjoy the works by the artist, and the best part is that you can own them all in one book and skip the trip to the museum! In addition to the drawings, you'll also find a foreword written by actor Neil Patrick Harris to prepare you for the awesome drawings the lie ahead and plenty of great quotes about the art and artist.

If you're the kind of person that enjoys their books with pictures and only a few words, The Great Showdowns is perfect for you. The book offers a refreshing look at some of your favorite film showdowns from the history of cinema, and the turning of each page brings a feeling of excitement as you search for your favorite movies among the numerous drawings that few others can replicate. The Great Showdowns makes a great book to add to your own personal library and makes a good addition to any coffee table, since readers of all ages can enjoy the content of the book's pages. Check out The Great Showdowns and let the amazing artwork of Scott Campbell put a smile on your face today!

The Great Showdowns is now available for purchase from the official Titan Books website. For more information on the book and to see more great artwork, check out the official The Great Showdowns website.

Score: 9 out of 10

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