War of the Roses DLC Announced

Medieval action title War of the Roses is set to receive its first round of DLC this November. The first DLC pack is slated to include weapon, armor, additional game modes, and maps focused on winter. The armor and weapons will be fully customizable with the 10 paint schemes.

Of the game modes being released, one in particular is gaining a rather large amount of buzz on the forums. The mode Pitched Battle is described as a scenario where, ・where soldiers for the houses of Lancaster and York will soon learn to value their lives.・Other than that there is not a lot of information but current speculation has that you'll have to be concerned with the environment of the Winter maps along with the enemy you're pitted against.

Two new maps have been confirmed, both inspired by historical winter engagements. The battles of Wakefield and Towton where skirmishes fought in a historically brutal winter in 1460-1461. Both maps will feature a dynamic weather mechanic that will give all the players yet another foe to compete against.

As Q4 rolls long more details of the DLC as well as future plans are to be announced at http://www.waroftherosesthegame.com.

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