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Closer Look Into Transparent: Light in Darkness

Transparent is a new band coming out of Hornell, New York made up of band members Matthew Sassano lead singer and songwriter, guitarist Bradley Meise, guitarist Quintin Olix, Robert Cox on bass, drummer Jesse Sprinkle and Ben Taft the screamer. Their debut album "Light in Darkness" is due out later this year, and we got a chance to listen to the album firsthand before it's released. The new album features 11 original songs including their new single, which can be heard when navigating the menus of the new Xbox 360 game NASCAR The Game: Inside Line.

You can read our review of NASCAR The Game: Inside Line where we noted one of the best features in the new racing title was its excellent sound design which was obviously boosted from the inclusion of the hit single "Bridges" from the Light in Darkness album. Light in Darkness itself is an emotional and inspirational trip that will have you rocking from the first track all the way to the album's end. The band features many different sounds on the album while giving creative nods to all-time great bands.

Rock fans will enjoy the riffs of the guitar, strumming of the bass and thumping tones of the drums, and listening to the songs is a great way to sit back and enjoy your games even more whether you're racing around the track at over 100 miles per hour in NASCAR The Game: Inside Line, pwning some noobs in Halo 4 or head-shotting some zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Still, the most impressive thing Light in Darkness does is establish this young, up and coming band as a real contender in the music industry with lyrics any fan of music can appreciate and thoroughly enjoy.

You'll want to check out Light in Darkness when it releases later this year, and Transparent has also released the official music video for Bridges which can be seen below. The video was created with the combined efforts of a group of digital media students over at Alfred State College, and the band is currently touring the area with upcoming shows scheduled for Friday, November 30, 2012 at Genesee Valley High School in Belmont, New York and Davis College in Johnson City, New York on Friday, December 7, 2012.

Transparent is currently in the middle of a tour of about 40-50 shows running through next year where they will tour six states and Canada, so they may be coming to a town near you soon! For more information on the band or to purchase the new album, Light in Darkness, check out the official Transparent website.

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