Playstation Vita 2.00 Update Makes Playstation Plus Mobile

With the upcoming release of the 2.00 firmware for the Vita, sony has confirmed that it will allow for Playstation Vita members to reap the benefits of being subscribed to Playstation Plus. Plus gives users exclusive discounts on game as well as a few other perks such as cloud storage for game saves.

By far, the best feature is the instant game library. Included with Plus you get a rotating series of games that are compltely free to play with your subscription. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is set to be the first in what will hopefully be a long line up Vita titles given to plus subscribers. Even better is, that if you have a PS3 with Plus you will not have to pay twice in order to have the benefits for the Vita, they'll all be included free of charge.
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