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Animal Park Tycoon (Video Game Review)

Animal Park Tycoon is the newest release from developers AMA Studios and publisher BulkyPix for iOS and Android devices. The release tasks players with running their own animal park for profit. The park will start off modest but will soon grow in size and grandeur over time. Animal Park Tycoon can be classified as a simulation tycoon game with a strong emphasis on simplistic gameplay that makes the title a cakewalk. Of course, mobile games aren't typically known for their grueling difficulty or gameplay depth, and it's hard to argue against a game that can be downloaded for free and has produced so many expansive updates during its short lifespan.

Animal Park Tycoon
allows players to begin their own animal park that will soon turn into one of the most lavish establishments around. Players earn money by receiving visitors, and the only way to draw in more guests is to make the park more attractive. All types of animals can be purchased and plucked from the wild to find a new home in the park. The game currently allows up to 15 species to live together in the park, and players will have 6 diverse habitats to keep the animals feeling at home from plains and mountains to the arctic and jungles. The game becomes even more exciting when trying to mix and match the right animals to the correct locations in order to unlock special legendary animals for the park that includes mythical creatures such as Cthulu and Red Dragons. Of course, having all the animals in the world means nothing unless a park is outfitted with plenty of great decorations and the best stylish designs the game has to offer, so money must be managed with the different aspects of the park being budgeted correctly. Eventually, players can hire on enough additional workers for their park that makes gameplay too mindless, and the game can literally be left setting for hours while earning cash for the next big upgrade for the park, but Animal Park Tycoon is definitely fun while it lasts.

The world of Animal Park Tycoon is colorful and easy to get sucked into. The adorable animal sprites will have you trying to unlock them all for your park, and makes choosing which animal to keep and which to send back to the wild very troublesome. A cheery soundtrack and sound effects accompany the great graphics to keep your attention on the game even while playing on the go. Despite being a mostly single player experience,Animal Park Tycoon includes several social features that allow you to share money and animals with your friends, and there are plenty of challenging mini-games to switch up the action when the normal campaign becomes too repetitive. Animal Park Tycoon is also constantly updated with new content that already includes special skins and themes for Halloween and Christmas. Decorate your park with spooky greenery or an infestation of zombie lions! The Christmas themed pack adds even more great content when you unlock Yetis, reindeer and more for your park or even hire Santa Claus to bring plenty of festive cheer for your park attendees. There is a lot to see and do in Animal Park Tycoon, and you can enjoy it all for free!

While Animal Park Tycoon is a very easy to learn and simplistic title to master, there is enough content packed into the game to keep the game fun for multiple hours. New skins and themes keep the content of the game fresh, and plenty of social features makes this a game you'll want to share with your friends. Animal Park Tycoon is a title for casual gamers, but it can be addicting enough for even hardcore gamers to sink their teeth into. Animal Park Tycoon can be downloaded for free, so you've really got no reason not to try out this new release. In a crowded mobile gaming market, there can be only one king of the jungle, so check out Animal Park Tycoon today!

Animal Park Tycoon is now available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free. Animal Park Tycoon has been rated suitable for Everyone. For more information on the game, check out the official Animal Park Tycoon website.

Game Features:
  • Single Player
  • Holiday Themed Updates
  • Unlock Legendary Creatures
  • Social Features Support
  • Challenging Mini-Games

  • Game Information:
    Developer: AMA Studios
    Publisher: BulkyPix
    Platforms: iOS (reviewed) & Android
    Release Date: January 24, 2013 for iOS

    Score: 7 out of 10
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