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Drip Drip (Video Game Review)

Drip Drip is the newest release from independent developer Imminent Games built on the Torque 2D Engine, and it's now available for PC and Mac. The new release is all about time and resource management, and a colorful display will ensure you continue to stay enthralled by the game's addictive nature for hours on end. The object of the game is to prevent the destruction of a home or building by flooding by utilizing plenty of different tools to help you on your way. Drip Drip is a fun title with only a few drawbacks, and if you're a casual gamer, you're sure to love the simplistic gameplay and variety of challenges the game throws at you.

In Drip Drip, it will be your job to travel to the biggest cities in the country to prevent the destruction of homes and buildings during one of the biggest storms the world has ever seen. There are over 20 different cities in the campaign that will take you from weather beaten homes of rainy Seattle to the run down skyscrapers of Chicago and everything in between. Each city features a different type of building, and larger buildings means more of a challenge, as you quickly move between floors fixing various problems. What starts off as a simple point-and-click game will soon reveal deep gameplay mechanics and offer strategic options that will have you desperately trying to survive the nasty weather without being flooded out. In addition to keeping the current stage from flooding out, other hidden challenges can be met on each stage to unlock the best ratings for clearing each stage. This allows you to play through each stage multiple times with new missions to accomplish each time.

Drip Drip shares striking similarities to the classic tower defense genre, as you deploy pots, pans, hammers and brooms to carry away water, fix broken pipes and holes in the wall and sweep away debris. Each item in the game costs money, so you'll also need to manage your budget along the way, but emptying water out a window will earn you more cash to spend on additional items in each stage. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock additional items to help you clear stages with the best scores. Drip Drip even contains some RPG elements that allow the tools in your inventory to level up and gain new statistical boosts, such as the ability to move faster, as you use the items more and more. Once you've progressed further into the game, you'll find more challenges in the form of UFOs or ghosts that will attempt to steal away your items, lightning storms that will destroy unprotected items or witch doctors that will call down the dreaded rain clouds with a rain dance. All of these problems can be easily fixed with the right tools however, and as long as you're always managing your items, completing levels should never be too difficult.

The only real drawback with Drip Drip is in its controls. While it plays fine for the most part, it's a game that seems better suited for iOS or Android devices with touch controls rather than a mouse. navigating through the larger levels can be a bit of a hassle with the current set up at times and cause some frustration when it causes you to lose a level. Still, the game has a super colorful and fun graphical design that is only outdone by great sound effects that warn you of danger and makes storms sound super realistic. Drip Drip is a fun title that is well worth the $9.99 asking price, as you'll find yourself coming back to play the game continuously to unlock all of the game's achievements and earn 5-star ratings on all of the game's stages. Drip Drip is incredibly addictive and will have you breathing a sigh of relief each time a storm clears and the sun comes out. You can also try out the Drip Drip demo for free, if you're not sure you want to drop $10 on the game just yet, but we recommend you pick up the title today if you're looking for a fun new game to play at a cheap price.

Drip Drip is now available for PC and Mac and can be purchased for $9.99. Drip Drip is appropriate for all ages. For more information on Drip Drip, check out the official Imminent Games website.

Game Features:

  • Single Player
  • 24 Unique Buildings
  • Real Time Weather Effects
  • Over 40 Achievements
  • Three Difficulty Settings

  • Game Information:
    Developer and Publisher: Imminent Games
    Platforms: PC (reviewed) & Mac
    Release Date: August 14, 2012

    Score: 8 out of 10
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