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Redneck Revenge (Video Game Review)

Redneck Revenge is the newest release from mobile game developer and publisher BulkyPix. The game is a tower defense title of sorts that challenges players with setting up a bunker to fight off hordes of zombies with the use of a variety of weapons. Redneck Revenge includes two different ways to play in the classic campaign mode and a Survival mode where the game's protagonist will try to outlast as many waves of enemies as he can. Redneck Revenge is fondly reminiscent of older titles such as Plants vs. Zombies, but Redneck Revenge doesn't feaure nearly as much depth as the better games of the genre, and the game's music gets old incredibly fast. For a mobile game that can be picked up for only $1, Redneck Revenge is a fine deal, but don't expect the game to be playable for more than a week or two.

Red is the star of the show in Redneck Revenge. The old redneck was just minding his own business and working at his bar late one night when zombies appeared out of nowhere. These weren't your normal zombies either. No, these were zombie clubbers who were forged under the bright lights and loud, obnoxious music of youth nightlife. Red's having none of it in his bar, and it's not long before he's whipping out shotguns and rifles from under the bar to teach the undead hordes a little lesson in southern brutality. Red will battle across 30 unique levels that will take him from the comfort of his bar to the frightening horrors of the Nightclub where the zombie outbreak originated. It's going to be a long night!
Though Redneck Revenge features a modest 30 stages plus an additional Survival mode with additional challenges to complete. Of course, the object of Redneck Revenge is to clear waves of enemies without allowing them to reach Red, but you'll also want to be on the lookout for additional survivors in the hordes that can be saved and offer some assistance in the fight. Red can also create more powerful weapons for use in battle such as chicken bombs, grandpa turrets and more. Even animals can be used to fight back the undead; watching as zombies are trampled underneath stampeding pigs or crushed by a falling killer whale from the sky is truly something no other game can offer, and it's well worth seeing for yourself in Redneck Revenge.

Redneck Revenge is a nice looking game with colorful graphics and animations, and plenty of funny sound effects will lighten the mood even when the zombie hordes are bearing down on you. You can fully customize Red's appearance from his trucker hat down to his pants, and playing through the game to earn extra cash to unlock additional clothes will give you extra incentive to keep playing the game. The music of the game can wear on your nerves, but this problem can be solved by heading into the game's options menu. What can't be solved is how quickly boring the game can be at times, especially once you've completed the main quests and played around in survival mode for a while. Redneck Revenge can be a fun game, but once this hick has had his revenge, there is little reason to keep playing. Still for a buck, you could do a lot worse. Download your copy of Redneck Revenge today and show those zombie clubbers we don't like their kind around these parts!

Redneck Revenge is now available for iOS, Android and Blackberry and can be purchased for $0.99. For more information on Redneck Revenge, check out the official BulkyPix website.

Game Features:
  • Single Player
  • 30 Levels
  • Survival Mode
  • Upgradeable Weapons
  • Leaderboards

  • Game Information:
    Developer and Publisher: BulkyPix
    Platforms: iOS (reviewed), Android & Blackberry
    Release Date: February 14, 2013

    Score: 7 out of 10
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