Special Forces: Team X Arriving on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam Tomorrow

Developer Zombie Studios and publisher Atari have announced their all new downloadable title Special Forces: Team X will be arriving for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam on Wednesday, February 6th. The new third-person shooter is focused on team game modes and allows you to fully customize characters from their look to their unique weapons and skills. Teams are awarded for sticking together through matches, and multiple teams can exist across most game modes including team deathmatch and more. Another unique feature allows you to send in attack dogs to do your dirty work for you. You can see Zombie Studios newest developer update in the video below to learn more and purchase and download your copy of STX tomorrow!

Special Forces: Team X (STX) is a team centric 3rd Person cover based shooter. The game features a unique map selection system, with the ability to shape the battlefield by selecting individual environmental pieces, resulting in over 100 map variations. STX supports asymmetric game play with 2-4 teams and 5 frenetic game modes. Cooperative play between team members is richly rewarded. Customize your skills, weapons and character to tailor your tactics and performance in battle. STX brings you the brutality of war as you take on the role of an elite soldier in a Special Forces squad.

Special Forces: Team X is scheduled to release for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC via Steam on February 6, 2013 and can be purchased for 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 respectively. Special Forces: Team X is rated M by the ESRB for Blood and Gore & Violence. For more information on the game, check out the official Special Forces: Team X website.

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