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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Video Game Review)

Monster Hunter debuted on the PlayStation 2 in 2004 and we stepped into a game that was larger than life. The series has maintained its classic gameplay over several systems and now we get the ultimate experience with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an upgraded version of Monster Hunter Tri on Wii that was released in 2009. The game features an array of new content which includes more quests, monsters, items, classes of weapons and environments. Basically, the new release takes everything we loved from the original and has made it better than ever!

Players will start their journey in the Moga Village and make their way across the Deserted Island where you are tasked with your first missions of hunting and foraging. Your first goals are to help in rebuilding the village and enhance your equipment for the fights ahead. The game starts out slow and allows veteran players to refresh their memories while introducing beginners to the series. Eventually you will be able to embark on more advanced missions and battle against stronger monsters. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate focuses on gathering resources and the crafting mechanics to better develop your equipment instead of gaining levels or experience.

The first thing that is noticed in Ultimate is that you will get a decent amount of challenge and tons of variety in gameplay to keep you playing. The series hasn't changed much since the first release and that is refreshing. Players will need to start out with one-star hunts until they get the hang of things and these are usually easier missions where you scavenge for resources and kill a smaller number of monsters. It is always better to work your way up and then you can move into more dangerous environments with tougher creatures.

The game is all about working your way to tougher missions with your final one being to defeat Lagiacrus in single-player mode. This is one-badass amphibian wyvern who is wreaking havoc on the village by causing earthquakes. Once you defeat Lagiacrus, you can still complete many of the postgame missions with the option of going online for more replay value. The replay value for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is very high with over 100+ hours of gameplay that can be extended even more with side quests, resource gathering and online play.

The best part of Ultimate is that the game is exactly the same for the Nintendo Wii U as it is for the Nintendo 3DS. Players can transfer their saved data between the two devices for when they are on the go. The Wii U version does have enhanced 1080p graphics with better overall quality in sound, but the Nintendo 3DS offers mobility in taking the game anywhere for those who stay on the go. The Wii U Gamepad allows information to be pulled up easily for hunting and attacks via the touch screen to give you the whole screen to take in all the amazing visuals.

The game features an interesting storyline, tight controls, beautiful graphics and an overall rewarding experience. The single-player campaigns are fun but the game really shines during the multiplayer sessions. Gameplay is taken to another level and players must work together in order to succeed. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate does not disappoint in any way and has so much content that it could take you a long time to get to it all. You definitely get your money's worth with Ultimate and if you love a good adventure then pick it up today! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS and is rated T (Teen). To learn more visit the official Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate website.

Game Information
Developed by: Capcom
Published by: Capcom
Released: March 19, 2013
Available for: Nintendo Wii U (reviewed) and Nintendo 3DS

Game Features
  • Online Play
  • DLC Support
  • Trophy/Achievement Support

Score: 9 out of 10 
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