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Rochard: Hard Times (DLC Review)

The puzzle-platformer Rochard has released a new "Hard Times" DLC that will give gamers four new levels that include Container Chaos, Shaft Shuffle, Brainyard and Assembly Line. Fans who found the previous levels just a tad bit easy will be excited to get their hands on these challenging new levels. The new content utilizes the game's current mechanics and adds even more excitement to an already fun game.

Rochard allows players to alter their gravity in order to complete environmental puzzles. Gamers will use their trusty G-Lifter that is fully upgradable that will allow them to move heavy objects around the levels. As players progress, they can even swing, leap and grapple across large distances in each level. Rochard has an intriguing storyline that can only be topped by its humorous one-liners and intense, action-packed gameplay.

The new levels released in the Hard Times DLC are strongly geared toward puzzle-solving and not the game's combat system. The new content adds countless hours of gameplay and are more difficult than the previous included ones. Our unlikely hero will have to find creative ways in order to progress through each new level. The game's beautiful graphics are carried over into the new environments and almost appear like something out of a movie.

Players will notice that the best parts of the game are carried over into the new DLC for the side-scroller which include the physics-based weapons and the energy shields. The unique concept of the weaponry that allows you to lift and throw objects, shoot, grapple and even lower or reverse the gravity around you. The new levels combine intricate puzzles that still manage to maintain a level of simplicity that kept them enjoyable. Each level has its own personality and players will never feel bored with their colorful palette of vibrant colors and themes.

All in all, Rochard is a fun game that has only been expanded on with the new Hard Times DLC. The title originally had around 10+ hours of gameplay that has increased to around 15+ with the four challenging new levels. When you add this to the trophy support included in the game then you have tons of replay value. The Hard Times DLC is now available for Rochard on the Windows PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam. Players can also download the original Rochard on PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network. For more information on the game, check out the official Rochard website.

DLC Features:
  • New Levels: Container Chaos, Shaft Shuffle, Brainyard and Assembly Line
  • Trophy/Achievement Support

Game Information:
Developer: Recoil Games
Publisher: Array
Available for PC (reviewed), Mac and Linux
Release Date: March 1, 2013

Score: 7 out of 10
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