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Improve Your Home Network with Skydog Cloud Networking Services

PowerCloud Systems has announced a brand new app called Skydog that sets up in minutes and allows users to connect all of their entertainment, computer, tablet and gaming devices to a single network effortlessly and efficiently. Skydog is now looking for support on Kickstarter, and beta participants have already voiced their opinions on the amazing new app that takes home networking to the clouds. With Skydog, it becomes incredibly easy to manage a home network by setting restrictions and limitations that will keep your family safe and working hard on things that matter, and you can monitor your network to always know when guests or other users are logging in and out of your network. Backers on the Skydog Kickstarter includes special rewards such as super early bird home network beta packages, constant updates on the progress of Skydog's development and more. Read on for more details!

“Skydog redefines how consumers view and make use of their home networks,” said Jeff Abramowitz, founder and CEO of PowerCloud Systems. “Our beta users have found that Skydog’s real-time visibility, management capabilities, and unparalleled ease-of-use enables them to save time, avoid frustration, and improve the performance of their connected home.”

“This has been a great experience with a groundbreaking, novel approach to home networking,” said Dawn H., another beta user from Illinois and a mother of three children. “I have shied away from messing with my home network for years, just doing what I had to when I had to because the whole process was so painful. This system is so delightful to use that I want to poke around just to see what’s going on.”

For more information on Skydog and to show your support, check out the official Skydog Kickstarter page.
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