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Supernatural: Carved in Flesh (Book Review)

Supernatural: Carved in Flesh is a new book based on the hit CW television series "Supernatural" written by Tim Waggoner, who is known for his work on the Nekropolis and Ghost Trackers series. Waggoner wrote the Ghost Trackers series in collaboration with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from the television show "Ghost Hunters."

Supernatural: Carved in Flesh is set during the seventh season of "Supernatural" and continues the epic adventure of Dean and Sam Winchester. For those who are new to the world of "Supernatural," the story centers around two brothers who lost their mother to a demon when they were small children. This brief moment in time caused a chain of events that turned their father into a hunter who was on a mission to hunt and destroy all things supernatural. After his untimely demise (to the same demon), then this tradition was passed down to Sam and Dean, who travel across the dark corners of the United States stopping evil in its tracks.

Carved in Flesh takes place in Bennan, Ohio, where Sam and Dean get wind of a huge black dog connected to recent deaths in the town. They set out on their journey to discover the truth and solve the mystery at hand before any more desiccated bodies show up. What the brothers find is "Frankenmutt," a deformed canine that has been made up of pieces of several different dogs. This is just the beginning of the monster fairytale, and the brothers soon are on a trail that leads them to mad scientists, biotechnology, alchemy and of course...the undead!

Dean voices his concern that they are wasting time on this so-called Frankenmutt and should be concentrating on the real problem at hand--Dick Roman. However, Sam believes a case is a case and this is something worth looking into. The siblings realize that the dog is just the start of their problems when they discover what horror really lies ahead. It becomes a hefty challenge for the duo to kill the creature, and as usual Sam isn't all there. Sam's hallucinations are getting worse, and he is reluctant to let Dean know this. The ending is a real treat and just makes the story that much better.

All in all, Supernatural: Carved in Flesh offers tons of twists and turns that keep it exciting while staying true to the "Supernatural" universe. Fans of the TV series and even those who have never watched the show will enjoy Carved in Flesh. If you can't get enough of the Winchester brothers and the world of the supernatural, then this is the book for you!

The 304-page Supernatural: Carved in Flesh title is now available in both paperback and Kindle format from most major book retailers.

Written by Tim Waggoner

Published by Titan Books

Score: 9 out 10
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