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Top 5 Zombies in Video Games

By : Ben Tarrant on Monday, June 10, 2013 | 9:53 AM

Zombies are a classic enemy, they maintain a high status role in movies, books and games a like. In terms of games the play a crucial role in some of the best horror and thriller titles the industry have ever seen. In this article we take a look at some of the best renditions of the walking cadavers from some classic titles.

Left 4 Dead 2: Tank
This zombie is what will probably happen to Arnold Schwarzenegger when the apocalypse comes. Left 4 Dead’s Tanks is a monstrously sized zombie with an epic amount of health that truly tests the survivors and usually marks the ending of a level. With charge attacks and brute strength the tanks take a full frontal approach of intimidation to cultivate fear rather than eerie stalking which, considering their size, works extremely well. They get even better when you can play as them in multiplayer mode.

The Last of Us: Clicker

This recent release features a unique “spore” formed zombie that develops different characteristics over the years following initial infection. The Clickers represent individuals infected for over a year who have lost humanity and the sense of sight due to prolonged infection. They compensate their lack of sight with a heart wrenching “click” (hence the name) that acts as echolocation to locate their prey. If that wasn’t creepy enough, they can instantly kill you if they get their hands on you. In a similar vein to Left 4 Dead’s Witch, the Clickers are going to give many gamers a fright they’ll remember.

Dead Space 3: Waster

Taking more than a fair bit of inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing are Dead Space 3’s Waster Necromorphs. These guys keep their hosts clothing on as a form of camouflage to trick the player into thinking they’re not a threat. When discovered they use ice picks and other human weapons to attempt to dismember you. They also build on the usual Dead Space rule of removing limbs by implementing on the fly mutations. In short, if you lop the legs off this Necromorph his legs will suddenly mutate into ravenous creatures and er, run towards you. Five zombies for the price of one, incase one wasn’t enough.

Half Life 2: Episode 2: Headcrab Zombie

Heading back into classic game territory we find the Headcrabs, little critters that we first saw in the original Half Life game. They would attach themselves to victims turning them into violent, lumbering zombies that passionately disliked old Gordon Freeman. Their latest outing is seen in Half Life 2 Episode 2 and it’s safe to say they haven’t got any less scary, in fact the advances in graphics have made them all the more grotesque. Like a nightmare STD that’s got out of hand they scurry around and consume innocents right before your eyes. Alternate varieties like the venomous Headcrabs give some volatile variations and even though they’re quite fragile on their own, pair them with a host and you have an impressive and formidable opponent on your hands.

Fallout: New Vegas: Feral Ghoul

The Feral Ghouls are heavily irradiated humans that have lost their sense of humanity and become flesh hungry zombies. Normally skulking around irradiated craters or facilities they show the darker repercussions of the great nuclear war. What they lack in being scary the Feral Ghouls make up for in numbers and aggression, where there’s one there is normally three or four and they’ll all run at you arms swinging. If that wasn’t enough they come in a few varieties such as the stronger ‘Roamer’ or the conduit of radiation ‘Glowing Ones’ who have strong radiation attacks and an austere glowing body. Whether they’re patrolling territories deep underground or the edge of an irradiated lake they’re still undeniably intriguing and aggressive even though they’re quite good for target practice.

Are any of these Zombies your favorite or do you have one from another franchise? Do you like zombie games or do you prefer a more realistic enemy? Let us know in the comment section below!
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