Wakfu Haven-Worlds and Dofus GvG Updates Are Now Live

This summer marks several new updates for Wakfu Haven-Worlds and Dofus GvG. The update is for all players from beginners to veteran, but especially for those who prefer the social aspect of Dofus. The new updates will give guilds a reason to either fight or build alliances--the choice is up to you! Also, the new 2.13 update opens up a slew of role-play perspectives for those players who want to try their hand at becoming real spies, diplomats, or mercenaries if they want!

From the Press Release
The summer 2013 marks the beginning of a merciless war between guilds in the MMORPG DOFUS. The game 2.13 version launched on 25 June offers players the possibility to create the geopolitical landscape of their server, and to bear the responsibility for the course of its evolution. This update is for all players, from beginners to the most experienced war strategist, but most of all, for all who prefer focusing on the social aspect of DOFUS. This update gives the guilds reasons to fight or to build alliances, according to their affinities and objectives, in order to conquer territories that offer numerous advantages (resources, experience bonuses, or loot). Alliances that want to control the world will have to fight: fight to dethrone the owners of a coveted zone or fight to protect their territory from hostile attacks. This system offers constant new developments since today’s allies could become tomorrow’s enemies on a whim!

Peaceful guilds that don’t want to participate to battles have the possibility to stay neutral and out of territory conquests. The others can start negotiating now to build alliances and group together according to their affinities, by posting on our server forums. The 2.13 update also opens new role-play perspectives to player who’ll have the possibility to become real spies, diplomats, or mercenaries if they want! Strategy and diplomacy will have an important part in the World of Twelve. Each one will have the opportunity to express their own political opinion and to become famous in their server. 

To learn more, check out the official Dofus website.

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