Zumba Dance (Video Game Review)

The Zumba fitness series of games has been around for many years and has easily become one of the most recognizable and favorite dance games and fitness tools for consoles. Zumba Dance continues that tradition with a brand new title that has appeared on mobile tablets for the first time in the history of the series. The new game does offer plenty of new features including the ability to easily take the game wherever its owner can go and a cheaper release price that allows for additional songs and workouts to be purchased through the downloadable marketplace, but there are some flaws in the design of Zumba Dance including most notably the age old problem of purchasing an accessory for standing up the tablet device hands free and finding the right angle to follow the dance routines on the much smaller screen of a tablet device. Zumba Dance is perfect for those looking for a good workout on the go, but doesn't offer many benefits over home console releases in the series when available.

Zumba Dance is all about dancing and sweating away the calories while learning some great dance moves through a variety of routines. The game comes packed with six unique routines with its base package, and many more are available to purchase through online marketplaces to add up to 40 different routines to the game. Each routine in the game features different music with many different genres of music and popular artists from today's best music are represented on the game's soundtrack including LMFAO, Pitbull and more. Once the game has been loaded up for the first time, players will be ready to perform in the game's excellent tutorial that does a nice job of easing players into how to play the game, though the difficulty in the rest of the game can be difficult and discouraging at times when all the player wants is to work up a nice sweat.

Each routine in Zumba Dance can be customized and tweaked to meet the player's preferences. Classes will range from 20 minutes to hour long intervals with dates set for daily, weekly and monthly routines and also customized to speeds and difficulty that meet the players' current physique. There are three real life Zumba instructors included in the game: Beto Perez, Gina Grant and Kass Martin. The trio will be there to guide players and help design routines with the player to get workouts on the same level with the gamer. The coaches will also offer helpful advice and words of encouragement for the player along the way to help players stay motivated. A Progress Tracker also helps the player to see how many calories are currently being burnt off during a session, set weight loss goals and perform other tasks centered around weight loss and fitness goals.

Zumba Dance manages to do all of this thanks to motion tracking technology included in each of the three available tablet platforms that is surprisingly accurate through most any routine. The game itself doesn't look quite as nice as its console brethren however, and tracking the complex motions, gyrations and dance moves on a much smaller screen can be nearly impossible in less than desirable locations. The flexibility the game offers by playing on mobile tablets and allowing the player to purchase as many or fewer routines that a full console release version is nice though. Zumba Dance is a dream come true for fitness buffs looking for a workout on the go or a cheap new Zumba routine, but others will want to pass on the game since adding additional routines can get rather pricey quickly, storage space for the game can easily get cramped and finding all the right accessories and the perfect place to set up the tablet can be more difficult than it seems. Check out Zumba Dance on tablet devices today to shake your booty on the go!

Zumba Dance is now available for iPad, Android Tablets and Amazon Kindle. Zumba Dance has been rated appropriate for ages 9+ for Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes. For more information on the game, check out the official Zumba Dance website.

Game Features:
  • Single Player
  • 40 Available Routines for Purchase
  • Customizable Classes
  • Tutorial Mode for Beginners
  • Featuring Zumba Instructors Beto Perez, Gina Grant and Kass Martin

  • Game Information:
    Developer: BreakFirst Games
    Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
    Platforms: iPad (reviewed), Android Tablets & Amazon Kindle
    Release Date: July 11, 2013

    Score: 7 out of 10

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