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Intermarum's Race to Mars Gets A KickStarter

Intermarum has announced that their turn-based space company simulation game, Race to Mars, is now seeking funding on KickStarter. The game promises to not only promote the outer space industry but quench the thirst for fans of economy games.

Race To Mars is a turn-based, space company simulation game. Become the head of a newly created “New Space” company whose goal is to establish a colony on Mars. You begin as a start-up and develop cutting edge aerospace technologies to reach orbit. Flying beyond the vicinity of Earth, blaze the trail into space and leave the competition far behind on your way to victory.

Our game aims at achieving two goals: promoting the outer space industry and satisfying all fans of economy games. Race To Mars combines the realism of a space-port management sim and approachable gameplay. We assure you that both subject enthusiasts and casual gamers will find this mixture highly entertaining. Our priority is to make an approachable game without compromising its key economic and strategic features.

To learn more, visit the official Race to Mars Kickstarter page.

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