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Reggie Watts' Wants You To Win A UE BOOM By Participating In The Social Music Experiment #5: WTF is Socio-Musicology?

Reggie Watts and Asif have been running a Social Music Experiment over the last month with a digital web series and now they are wanting their fans to do the same! Now you have the chance to win a UE BOOM by submitting your very own idea for a social music experiment on the official Ultimate Ears Facebook page. If your idea is kick-ass enough then you might take home the prize.

Reggie Watts and his partner-in-crime, Asif, have been taking their Social Music Experiment to the streets for the past month with their digital series, THE SOCIAL MUSIC EXPERIMENT. Now they're challenging their fans and viewers to do the same! The badass musical mayhem duo, Reggie Watts and Asif drop knowledge on the power of Socio-Musicology, show-off their greatest experiments, and debut never-before-seen, I-can't-believe-they-did-that footage from past episodes of 'The Social Music Experiment.' Send us an idea for a social music experiment and if it kicks enough ass... you'll win a UE BOOM! Submit on Facebook.com/UltimateEars

To learn more, visit the official Ultimate Ears website.

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