ToyMunkey Studios Unveils Silent Hill Figurines Which Include Robbie the Rabbit, Heather, Nurses and Pyramid Head

ToyMunkey Studios have unveiled some new Silent Hill 3 figurines at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The figures include Silent Hill 3's protagonist Heather alongside Robbie the Rabbit.Fans can also pre-order other extra creepy figurines from the Silent Hill series that includes Pyramid Head and the evil Nurses.

About ToyMunkey Studios
An infinite collection, a league of artists, and a dedicated troop all for just one purpose; to make toys both non-collectible and collectible the best and finest way possible. With experience in the collectible toy industry for almost two decades, ToyMunkey Studios launches in 2012 and is very excited to introduce collectors and fans to a whole new world of toys and collectibles! 

About Silent Hill 3
Trapped in this inhospitable world, Heather is forced to fight for her life. Grotesque apparitions and lumped shapes shadow her every move, while an army of bizarre creatures lurk in dark corners and empty rooms. Armed with whatever she can find – including pistols, a sub-machine gun and a steel pipe – Heather must fend off their advances while solving the mysteries that will gradually piece together why she is trapped in this hellish world.

To learn more, visit the official ToyMunkey Studios website.

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