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WAKFU Now Available on Ubuntu

If you love the MMORPG WAKFU, then get excited players, because now it is on Ubuntu! In WAKFU, gamers can climb mountains and adventure across unknown lands were they can become a warrior, merchant or whatever they choose!

Here’s something for all the Linuxians out there: WAKFU is now available in the Ubuntu Software Center! Ubuntu is a free operating system that powers more than 20 million of desktop PCs, laptops and servers around the world. The Ubuntu version of WAKFU can now be downloaded on the Ubuntu Site Directory. And a direct download link will soon be added to the download page of WAKFU’s official website. For those who already use Ubuntu, we invite them to download this version and let us know what they think about it. And of course they can also rate the application in the Ubuntu software center to support this initiative.

Climb Mount Zinit in search of Ogrest, the fearsome ogre behind the cataclysm that devastated the World, or mark your own path across the archipelagos who feverishly work to rebuild their once mighty nations. Become a warrior, politician, merchant, or craftsman, but whatever you choose... in WAKFU, everything depends on you!

To learn more, visit the official WAKFU website.

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