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Dragon's Crown Breathes Fire Onto PS3 and PS Vita

Atlus and Vanillaware have announced that Dragon's Crown is now available for PS3 and PS Vita. Fans can purchase the game for $49.99 on the PS3 and $39.99 on PS Vita. Are you ready for the adventure ahead? If not, prepare now!

From the Press Release
The adventure begins today with the release of Dragon's Crown, the long-awaited PlayStation®3 and PlayStation Vita title from ATLUS and Vanillaware. Dragon's Crown is a 2-D side-scrolling multiplayer beat 'em up wrapped in the gorgeous storybook aesthetic Vanillaware is renowned for. The game sells for $49.99 for the PS3 and $39.99 for the PS Vita; the game is available beginning today in stores and on PlayStation®Network as a digital download.

A Dragon's Crown theme is also available for the PS3 for $1.99 beginning today; PSN avatars of the 6 playable characters and the dragon will be available later this month for 49 cents apiece.

While supplies last, purchases of Dragon's Crown will include the Dragon's Crown Artworks from participating stores. This 64-page collector's item features full-color production art from Vanillaware as well as guest art from notable artists BENGUS, Gouda Cheese and Kinu Nishimura.

Additional Dragon's Crown downloadable content (DLC) will be free for the first month. The DLC comes in the form of a voice pack that replaces the narrator's voice with any of the six playable character classes. The voice pack is a $1.99 value and will revert back to that price a month after the launch of Dragon's Crown.

Dragon's Crown also features an immersive skills system to customize individual play styles, a rich quest system that unlocks pieces of in-game art, and an expansive loot system that increases rewards with difficulty. The game is cross-save compatible and can be played with any combination of local/ad hoc, online and AI players. Dragon's Crown is no quick adventure, with well over 100 hours of gameplay to fully clear the game. Dragon's Crown is rated T for Teen, and available for $49.99 for the PS3 and $39.99 for the PS Vita. There are no cross-buy or rebate voucher options.

To learn more, visit the official Dragon's Crown website. 

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