Gamebrain Announces Closed Beta For New Platform

Gamebrain has announced a new cloud-based development and publishing platform that will create a well defined workflow and easy access to information during the development process. Read on to learn more about this amazing new platform and how developers can sign up for the closed beta.

From the Press Release
Gamebrain today revealed its cloud-based development and publishing platform, a new venture that aims to reduce the obstacles facing game developers when trying to create and monetize games. The core challenge of creating successful games involves weighing creative and artistic possibilities against technical capabilities and business demands. Gamebrain’s comprehensive platform simplifies this for developers by offering a clearly defined workflow with centralized access to information and resources that support the development process.

Developers can now sign-up for the closed beta at, which is anticipated to launch in Q4 2013. In addition to early access, those accepted into the closed beta will receive 50GB of free, cloud-based storage.

“We saw a void in the market and designed Gamebrain to address the needs of small- to mid-sized development teams who shouldn’t have to compromise their creative vision for lack of professional resources and guidance,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Gamebrain. “Our platform will offer affordable access to traditionally cost-prohibitive tools in analytics, development, distribution and monetization to help teams bring their ideas to life.”

Gamebrain is also building a community for members to share technical know-how, and to find individuals with whom to collaborate on projects. The inclusion of an Asset Store will enable users to shorten the timeline for projects by acquiring readily available sound, illustration, and animation assets from other developers (or make additional money by selling their own assets to other Gamebrain users).

Gamebrain’s Development Workflow will guide developers through traditionally complicated and cost-prohibitive processes during the execution of projects, either independently or as a team. Gamebrain will also advise game development teams about critical decisions relating to development, distribution, and monetization through the provision of resources such as whitepapers and seminars.

Developers are not locked into following Gamebrain’s guidance or utilizing all of its services. The platform’s flexible framework gives developers the freedom to define their objectives while making it easy for them to choose and add supplemental resources. Users are under no obligation to publish their games through Gamebrain, although the platform will provide developers with a simple and efficient way to reach hundreds of additional distribution channels around the world.

During the initial phase of the closed beta, developers will be able to create accounts, access the platform’s social features, begin managing their project workflows, and save project files to 50GB of Gamebrain’s free cloud storage. As the official launch date approaches in late 2013, expanded functionality will be available to closed beta participants.

More information about the platform will be released soon. To connect with Gamebrain, visit:

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