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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Gets Free Rising Tides Update

Ironhide Game Studio has revealed a new update for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers entitled "Rising Tides." The free content is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will have the sea devils out for revenge with three new stages.

From the Press Release
Ironhide Game Studio today announced the Rising Tides update for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, with brand new free content for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps. The nefarious sea devils seek vengeance in this nautical update, featuring three new stages with six never-before-seen baddies. You’ll need the toughest towers to fend off hordes of aquatic baddies like green-fin man-hunters and their storm-summoning Bluegale commanders. Two new heroes enter the fray, including Kutsao the monk and Karkinos the Crab Man general… bringer of crustacean carnage! The Rising Tides update is a free download for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers; dive into the iOS app store today.

The Rising Tides update for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers features:
  • Brand new levels featuring a three stage campaign against marauding sea devils.
  • Six new enemies with special abilities to keep you on your toes… or flippers! Face green-fin man-hunters, storm-summoning Bluegales and wave after wave of scurvy sea-dogs.
  • Leviathan boss battle pits you against a vengeful deep-sea god.
  • Five new achievements to challenge your skills.
  • Two new heroes including Kutsao the mysterious monk from distant lands and Karkinos the Crab Man general, packing perilous pinchers and an evasive scuttle.
  • Easter eggs, specials and mOAr of the tower defense action you crave!

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers was selected by Apple as an Editor's Choice Game of the Week. Critical praise includes top reviews from IGN, Game Informer, Touch Arcade, MacLife, VentureBeat, Polygon, TUAW and more.

More about Kingdom Rush Frontiers: As a bigger, badder, and beefed-up return to Kingdom Rush’s intoxicating world of dwarfs and dragons, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers builds on the original game’s furious tower-defense gameplay with flashy new towers, levels, enemies and heroes. It’s like a catapult-load of awesome features launched straight into your face… and it hurts so good!

Download the game with free update and to get rushin’. Join the battle with Kingdom Rush: Frontiers on iPhone and iPod from the App Store here for $2.99.

Or step things up with Kingdom Rush: Frontiers HD for iPad, available from the App Store here for $4.99.

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