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NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (Toy Review)

NERF Rebelle toys are a fun new line of hybrid crossbows and blasters designed specifically for girls. Let's face it--we have not seen any NERF toys geared towards females in the past. The new toys can shoot over 75 feet and are designed in beautifully vibrant colors. The new NERF toys have been designed to enhance your daughter's play experiences and feature stylish new accessories. To go along with the adventure of owning a new NERF Rebelle, you can also visit the official website to create a customized avatar and complete missions online.

The line of NERF Rebelle toys are safe to use indoors or outdoors as long as they are used properly. We tested out the new NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow that came with 5 collectible darts plus an additional Dart Refill Pack with 12 more darts. My daughter was ready to embark on a new adventure and the toy gave her hours of fun. The NERF Rebelle line of toys can be enjoyed everywhere and can give your child hours of imaginative play either alone or with friends. The darts are made of soft material that will not damage objects in your house or harm others.

NERF Rebelle is the perfect line of toys for girls and will help foster your child's imagination with hours of creative play. The NERF Rebelle line will be available on September 1, 2013 from all major retailers. To learn more, visit the official NERF Rebelle website.

Score: 9 out of 10

NERF Rebelle Line Features

Includes 5 Collectible Darts / Retails for $19.99

The Heartbreaker Bow works like a real bow, but blasts darts up to 75 feet! Pull back on the string and release to fire the blaster. Your daughter can even stow up to 5 darts on the bow for easy reloading.

Includes 6 Collectible Darts / Retails for $24.99

This must-have, rapid-fire crossbow is serious stuff. Girls can pack up to 6 darts in the front-loading barrel, and fire them revolver style. Like the Heartbreaker Bow, the Guardian Crossbow can send foam darts flying up to 75 feet.

Includes 5 Collectible Darts / Retails for $19.99

This mission kit features a 5-dart revolving blaster and a 75-foot range. The set even comes with a belt clip holster and Vision Gear eyewear.

Includes 4 Collectible Darts / Retails for $9.99

Get two mini blasters in one! This piece comes with a basic blaster and extra bow attachment (with dart storage) so girls can easily transform the toy into a lightweight crossbow that sends darts up to 75 feet.

Includes 6 Collectible Darts / Retails for $12.99

This 2-pack of mini blasters lets your daughter share the NERF Rebelle experience with a friend. Oh, and despite their tiny size, the Power Pair blasters still shoot darts up to 75 feet like the rest of the Rebelle line.

Retails for $14.99

Compatible with the Heartbreaker Bow, the Guardian Crossbow, and Sweet Revenge Blasters, the NERF Rebelle App Cradle holds a smartphone or iPod and attaches to the blasters, putting the App within your line of vision. Girls can initiate multi-player battles with friends and shoot virtual arrows.

Disclosure: We were provided with a free NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow for this review.

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