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The Dark Eye: Memoria (Video Game Review)

The Dark Eye: Memoria is the newest release from developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment. The company is well known for being one of the most popular video game creators in Europe and has seen continued success with their best releases, including Deponia and Night of the Rabbit in North America as well. Their newest release features a storyline from The Dark Eye universe with all new environments and characters from the world of Adventuria. The Dark Eye: Memoria is one of best looking games Daedalic Entertainment has created and one of the most entertaining to explore as well.

The Dark Eye: Memoria features two protagonists in an all new storyline. The bird catcher, Geron, becomes involved in the storyline after an evil curse transforms his lover into a crow. The young man knows some magic of his own but nothing as powerful as the transformation spell needed to turn his girlfriend back to her human form, so he sets out to find someone powerful enough to reverse the curse and restore his life back to normal. Geron will be on a long journey however that will see his fate intertwine with a princess that lived nearly 500 years ago before mysteriously disappearing. Sadja is the second playable character in the game, and players will explore the past with her while learning more about her ultimate fate. The storyline of The Dark Eye: Memoria is full of well timed humor that helps craft an interesting storyline that eventually intertwines and creates a fantastic ending for the series.

The new point-and-click adventure included in The Dark Eye: Memoria doesn't change much for the genre, but the previous games from Daedalic Entertainment have fine crafted the style to near perfection. Players still solve a variety of puzzles using various objects found in the game's environments, though many puzzles are tough to solve the first time through the game. An early tutorial mission has the player break a glass bottle only to reconstruct it with a stack of wood and a magical ability to impress another character and gain entry to a nearby area. The puzzles don't get any easier from there, but the game offers a gradual increase in challenge that never becomes too difficult and uses new combinations learned by the player while introducing some brand new mechanics later.

The action of the game often shifts between the two main characters in the game without warning. Using two different characters from different eras in a single campaign storyline is a feature few other games have tried to incorporate into their games, and even fewer have successfully managed to create a storyline that works so seamlessly with both characters as it does in The Dark Eye: Memoria. The two characters are obviously both very different individuals with different abilities and personalities, but the eras they come from don't do much to explain the differences in the passage of time. Still, The Dark Eye: Memoria offers a unique way to experience its storyline, and the game is rarely as confusing to understand as it could be with two different protagonists featured in a single game.

The best feature in The Dark Eye: Memoria is far and away the amazing visuals produced in the game. The title features over 100 hand-drawn environments that looked as though they were crafted by some of the finest artists that ever lived. The character models look nearly as impressive, though some stiff animations and character movements make The Dark Eye: Memoria a title that looks slightly better in screenshots than when actually playing the game. A great fantasy soundtrack accompanies the nice artwork to help make the game a fully immersive experience and even more epic during the most exciting moments of the game. The game also features a narrative that is fully voice acted and features some pretty strong performances from the lead characters and other NPCs in the world of Adventuria too.

Daedalic Entertainment has mastered the point-and-click genre, and the company has proved it with the release of The Dark Eye: Memoria. Two lead characters combine to make a great storyline that is easily enjoyable even for players that haven't played the previous titles in the series. The stunning artwork of The Dark Eye: Memoria is easily one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, but searching for hidden items and solving complex puzzles is the main draw here, and it does these things very well. The Dark Eye: Memoria is an excellent game and a great way to spend a weekend. Download your copy of The Dark Eye: Memoria on Steam today and look for special Collector's Edition retail versions of the game that includes a "Making of DVD," full soundtrack on CD, exclusive poster, mouse pad, cards, art book and more coming soon!

The Dark Eye: Memoria is now available exclusively for PC on Steam. For more information on the game, check out the official The Dark Eye: Memoria website.

Game Features:
  • Single Player
  • Stunning Hand-Drawn Characters & Environments
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Achievement Support

  • Game Information:
    Developer & Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
    Available exclusively for PC via Steam (reviewed)
    Release Date: August 29, 2013

    Score: 9 out of 10

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