5 Video Games That Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight can be hard and sticking to a workout plan can be even harder. However, there are tons of new video games that can help you get moving and drop those extra pounds quickly. Video games get you up and moving with Xbox 360's Kinect and Wii which helps burn off those stubborn calories. Playing games is the easiest way to lose weight, because it can be fun which helps you forget that you are even exercising! Now let's check out 5 Video Games that can help you get in shape and shed that excess body fat.

5. Dance Central 3 (Xbox 360)

Dance Central is the perfect utilization of Xbox 360's Kinect and turns the experience into a funtastic dance party. Get ready to have a dance off with your friends and partake in a serious workout in Dance Central. The game is so fun that you will forget that you are even exercising!

4. Zumba Fitness Core (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii)

Zumba Fitness Core actually let's you straight up party yourself into shape. The game concentrates on toning your abs while delivering a choreographed total-body workout. Once you are done you will not only have cool moves to show off to your friends but a toned body to boot!

3. Punch Out!! (Nintendo Wii)

Dancing isn't for everyone and this is when Punch Out!! on Nintendo Wii comes into play. Punchout!! is the perfect game to add some diversity to your workout and reduce stress in the process. The game utilizes the Wii Balance Board and will have you ducking, weaving and throwing punches for an intense core-strengthening workout. You will be sweating and dropping pounds in no time!

2. Wii Fit U (Nintendo Wii U)

Wii Fit was one of the first titles that showed that it was truly possible to lose weight playing video games. The Wii Fit U game is still the perfect title for getting in shape with its range of diverse workouts. The game allows players to start out with short mini-games to get warmed up and slowly progresses all the way to hardcore workouts.

1. EA Sports Active 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii)

Out of all the games listed here, EA Sports Active 2 is the one game that takes working out serious and isn't all about fun. If you are looking for the best way to get in shape then look no further then EA Sports Active 2. The game utilizes leg and arm sensors in order to assess your workout and deliver you the best routines possible for maximum weight loss.

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