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5 Reasons Microsoft will Win the Next Generation

Microsoft has officially announced Xbox One will be arriving in retailers in 13 territories, including the United States, beginning on November 22, 2013. Though the console hasn't launched yet, it's clear that Microsoft has big plans for their new console that is a tremendous step up from the Xbox 360. Despite a bumpy start at the first announcement of the system, Xbox One already has a tremendous fan base powered by the tremendous success of Xbox 360, as the most purchased and played console of the current generation. While only time will tell which platform gamers prefer over the rest, Microsoft seems primed to be the best of the bunch once again with Xbox One. Here are 5 reasons Microsoft will win the next generation!

5) Innovation
Xbox One has shown tremendous innovation since it was revealed shortly before E3 earlier this year. The console is the first gaming console to feature an HDMI input device, the first system to announce external storage support and has added an improved 1.75 GHz CPU late in the console's production cycle. Xbox One will support plenty of new features including important enhancements like quicker loading times, greater graphical output, an ability to switch between apps and games effortlessly and even an ability to run multiple programs at once. The company has recently announced even more features that will make Xbox One a unique console to own such as Smart Glass integration and cloud-based gaming. It's this type of innovation that made both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 such a success, and Xbox One should continue to see the same progress.

4) Kinect Improvements
The original Kinect was an impressive piece of hardware that allowed supported games to receive some pretty cool motion control and voice command features, but it didn't quite have the impact Microsoft had envisioned. The all new Kinect will come packaged with every Xbox One console and boast plenty of new improvements. Technological advancements have been made for the device on Xbox One including a 1080p camera and 1:1 movement ratio recognition that will make the device virtually lag free between players' movements and what is registered in games. Xbox One users will be able to customize Kinect usage from completely disabling it to using it to turn on and off consoles, instantly recognize who is using the console and more. The new support of Kinect with every Xbox One console should see developers take more chances with putting special Kinect exclusive content into their games that every Xbox One owner can now take advantage of.

3) Allocation of Resources
Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the world, and the large amount of resources used to create consoles, secure console exclusives and develop new products, software and hardware has been the key to the success of the Xbox name. Xbox One has already secured many highly popular exclusives that are in development and will be available at launch or shortly after. The company is known for its great ideas and its support of those ideas; Xbox LIVE Arcade, Achievements and downloadable game content hasn't been around forever, and Microsoft's support of these new ideas was a big reason why these features have become such important mainstays for games on every platform.

2) Flexibility
Xbox One was revealed to be the first video game console that would require an always online connection and a used game policy that wouldn't allow players to trade in their old games as they have become accustomed to. Microsoft's original plans for the Xbox One were trashed shortly after public outcry following E3 earlier this year, but some analysts in the industry viewed this as a weakness and instability in the company, while it was really a sign of the flexibility the company sustains to alter its plans to remain one of the best gaming consoles around. Meanwhile, the quick turnaround for the upset fan base shows customer loyalty to Microsoft and Xbox One is strong as ever.

1) Exclusive Games
At the end of the day, the most important things a gaming console can do is play good video games, and Xbox One is ensuring its future success by securing several exclusive titles for the console. Dead Rising 3 is one of the most anticipated zombie titles ever, Ryse: Son of Rome is looking to be a great new franchise for the system and Forza Motorsport 5 looks amazing for a franchise that is known for putting out one high quality release after another, and all three of these games will be available exclusively for Xbox One at launch. There will also be some early downloadable classics available for Xbox One launch that includes Peggle 2 and Killer Instinct that should help boost console preorders. Other great releases are also in development for Xbox One that look just as amazing or better such as the highly anticipated shooter, Titanfall, and the strong launch lineup and exclusive titles are placing Xbox One in a great position to be the winner of the next generation of gaming.

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