5 Reasons to Play Diablo III on Xbox 360

Diablo III has made its long anticipated arrival for consoles with releases for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 arriving in retailers last week. The new game allows players to team up in four player cooperative sessions with nearly all of the same features from the original release plus some updated content as well; read our Diablo III review to learn more. Diablo III on Xbox 360 might not be a perfect game, but it's pretty darn close, and it's the best way to play the game that is currently available to play on any platform; here are 5 reasons why!

5) Last Hurrah for Xbox 360
The end of the current generation of gaming is coming to an end, and Microsoft officially announced Xbox One will be arriving on November 22, 2013. There are only a few games releasing between now and then that offer the same high quality gameplay as Diablo III with the exception of a few heavy hitters including Grand Theft Auto V later this month. Diablo III is the perfect way to spend the next couple of weeks until more big releases arrive, and the multiplayer action featured in the game could be the last quality time some players will be spending with their friends in the near future with so many other great games arriving soon.

4) Local Co-op
The best feature included in Diablo III is undoubtedly local cooperative play. While most players likely won't geek out in full costume while making numerous sexual suggestions to their family members like is seen in the new commercial for Diablo III, the new release does offer the only simple way to play Diablo III locally with your friends and family. So few games offer the ability to play in local multiplayer, and Diablo III supports up to four players at the same time, which is perfect for Xbox 360 gamers.

3) No Computer Required
Diablo III is a great PC game, but not everyone has a high quality gaming rig capable of playing the game at the highest resolutions. Diablo III on Xbox 360 runs smoothly and looks nearly as good as on any PC, and it offers players the flexibility of playing the game while lying in bed or on the couch without a hot laptop burning up their legs. This also means the few gamers that have yet to make the switch to HD can still enjoy the game on a large screen. Plus, unlocking Achievements for your gamertag while holding the incredibly comfortable Xbox 360 controller in hand is always a plus!

2) Team Up on Xbox LIVE
Xbox 360 has been many gamers' choice as the favorite console of the current generation, and one of the biggest reasons for so much Xbox love is the online services offered by the Microsoft console. No other online service offers the amount of account security, features or ease of use than Xbox LIVE, and it's really easy to signup for if you don't already have an Xbox LIVE account. Once you're online, you can team up with up to four friends in online multiplayer sessions, join parties, make clans and loot dungeons together for hours on end with no interruptions.

1) No Always Online Requirement
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Activision Blizzard took a big risk with their beloved series by adding an online auction house where players could buy, sell and trade goods safely online, but the new feature also added that players always be connected to the game's server while playing. The feat has never been successfully executed by any game, and EA would shortly later have the same problems with the release of Sim City. The Xbox 360 version removes this restriction, taking the online auction house with it, but this is a move that ultimately gives the console version of the game infinite replay value when combined with local cooperative play capabilities.

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