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NASCAR: The Game 2013 Paint Packs (DLC Review)

NASCAR: The Game 2013 released in July exclusively for PC on Steam from Eutechynx to give PC gamers a great new racing title for their favorite platform. The game is great for NASCAR fans or racing video game fans in general, and you can learn more by reading our NASCAR: The Game 2013 review. Now, the team behind the game has announced the release of all new downloadable content for their popular racing title that features alternative paint schemes modeled after some of NASCAR's best racers at various events over the year. There are four content packs in total valued at $6.99 each, and through the magic of the Steam platform, fans can add all four packs to their cart to instantly download for use in NASCAR: The Game 2013, and a new free update has added exciting Highlights moments taken from the first half of the season to help accurately recreate the best races so far this year!

Light It Up! is the first DLC for NASCAR: The Game 2013 and it includes 11 different paint schemes displayed during the early part of the Sprint Cup Season with races between Daytona and Phoenix. The pack includes #38 David Gilliland's Long John Silver from Phoenix, #78 Kurt Busch's Beauty Rest from Phoenix, #5 Kasey Kahne's Quaker State from Phoenix, #24 Jeff Gordon's Pepsi Max from Phoenix, #48 Jimmie Johnson's Lowe's Yellow from Daytona (Sprint Unlimited), #11 Denny Hamlin's FedEx Ground from Phoenix, #20 Matt Kenseth's Husky from Phoenix, #47 Bobby Labonte's Glad from Phoenix, #29 Kevin Harvick's Jimmy Johns from Phoenix, #9 Marcos Ambrose's DeWalt from Phoenix and #99 Carl Edwards' Subway from Phoenix. Light It Up! features the least cars and the least races, but it's still definitely worth a look for fans that want to go back and relive Jimmie Johnson's thrilling first win of the season or watch Carl Edwards backflip in victory lane from the yellow Subway car.

The Settle In, Boys! pack is second, and it might be the most appropriately named content pack available for the game, since it includes races from the first half of the season between Las Vegas and Bristol. The pack includes #1 Jamie McMurray's Cessna from Bristol, #42 Juan Pablo Montoya's Axe Apollo from Las Vegas, #78 Kurt Busch's Serta from Las Vagas, #5 Kasey Kahne's Great Clips from Bristol, #48 Jimmie Johnson's Kobalt Tools from Las Vegas, #11 Denny Hamlin's FedEx Office from Las Vegas, #11 Denny Hamlin's FedEx Freight from Bristol, #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr's Amp Orange from Las Vegas, #47 Bobby Labonte's Kingsford from Las Vegas, #47 Bobby Labonte's Bush's from Bristol, #17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr's Zest from Las Vegas, #99 Carl Edwards' AFLAC from Las Vegas and #10 Danica Patrick's Domains from Bristol. The pack is a good one that includes Kasey Kahne's Great Clips winning car from the Food City 500, and the pack is also the first to feature an alternative paint scheme for NASCAR trendsetter Danica Patrick.

The next four races for the Sprint Cup Series is represented in the Now We're Runnin'! pack. This pack includes races between Auto Club and Kansas and includes a total of 13 different paint schemes. #1 Jamie McMurray's Bass Pro White from Auto Club, #1 Jamie McMurray's Race With Insulin from Martinsville 1, #1 Jamie McMurray's Bell Helicopter from Texas 1, #5 Kasey Kahne's Time Warner Cable from Texas 1, #24 Jeff Gordon's Cromax Pro from Texas 1, #48 Jimmie Johnson's Jimmie Johnson Foundation from Auto Club, #18 Kyle Busch's Interstate Batteries from Auto Club, #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr's Diet Mtn Dew from Martinsville 1, #47 Bobby Labonte's Charter from Auto Club, #22 Joey Logano's AAA from Kansas 1, #17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr's 5/3 Bank from Martinsville 1, #14 Tony Stewart's Rush Truck Centers from Auto Club and#39 Ryan Newman's Wix from Auto Club. The pack strangely features three different paint schemes for Earnhardt Ganassi Racing star Jamie McMurray, so fans of the driver will definitely want to pick up this pack, while there is a good variety of other drivers included in the pack for other fans as well.

The most recent All-Star pack leads fans up to the recent All-Star Race and includes races from as far back as Richmond. Fans will likely be most satisfied with this pack that adds 14 different paint schemes, which is the most of any of the four currently available paint packs for NASCAR: The Game 2013, and includes #1 Jamie McMurray's Bass Pro NTWF from the All-Star Race, #42 Juan Pablo Montoya's Depend from Richmond, #42 Juan Pablo Montoya's Clorox from Talladega, #34 David Ragan's Peanut Patch from Darlington, #18 Kyle Busch's Doublemint from Darlington, #18 Kyle Busch's Snickers Bites from the All-Star Race, #47 Bobby Labonte's Clorox 100 Years from Talladega, #47 Bobby Labonte's House-Autry from the All-Star Race, #22 Joey Logano's Pennzoil from the All-Star Race, #99 Carl Edwards' Geek Squad from Richmond, #10 Danica Patrick's Go Daddy Cares from the All-Star Race, #14 Tony Stewart's Bass Pro Talladega from Talladega, #39 Ryan Newman's Outback from Richmond, #39 Ryan Newman's Aspen Dental from the All-Star Race. The pack will likely be the favorite among the available paint packs for including the most paint schemes, but it's also noteworthy for including some of the most seldom seen cars from the All-Star Race.

Each of the four paint scheme packs are currently available only on Steam for $6.99 each. Altogether, the packs come to $27.96, but they can be instantly added to the game after purchase for fans to enjoy over 50 new paint schemes for some of their favorite NASCAR drivers including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart. The price can seem like a lot to purchase for only aesthetic content for the game, but the 50+ skins add up to only a little over $0.50 per paint scheme for a pretty good value. Once purchased, the new paint schemes are available for the identified drivers from the driver select menu in quick play and the other game modes featured in NASCAR: The Game 2013. New Highlights have also been added to the game to combine with the paint schemes to accurately recreate the biggest moments of each race from the first half of the Sprint Cup Series season.

Fans of NASCAR: The Game 2013 will undoubtedly want to pick up the new paint scheme packs for their favorite game, and who could blame them? With over 50 new paint schemes to choose, the added content and replay value added to the game is high, as players attempt to relive their favorite races of the NASCAR season with the proper paint schemes for each track and the Highlights to back them up. NASCAR: The Game 2013 is one of the best looking and most realistic racing games around, and real NASCAR fans will want to pick up the new content to make races authentic as possible when racing throughout the season in-game. The four NASCAR: The Game 2013 paint scheme packs Light It Up!, Settle In, Boys!, Now We're Runnin'! and the All-Star Pack are available now only on Steam, so download yours today!

NASCAR: The Game 2013 is now available exclusively for PC via Steam and can be purchased for $39.99. NASCAR: The Game 2013 is rated E by the ESRB for Mild Violence. For more information on the game, check out the official NASCAR: The Game 2013 website.

Game Features:
  • Online Multiplayer 1-16
  • Add Additional Paint Schemes for NASCAR's Elite
  • Purchase Bundle and Download Instantly
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Achievements
  • Full Controller Support

  • Game Information:
    Developer & Publisher: Eutechnyx
    Available exclusively for Steam
    Release Date: September 25, 2013

    Score: 8.5 out of 10

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