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Slaughter Zombies On Your iOS Devices With Dead Effect

BulkyPix has announced that fans can pick up Dead Effect for iOS devices for $3.99 on September 12. Players will be able to slaughter space zombies in this survival FPS alongside amazing 3D environments.

The indy studio InDev Brain and the mobile game developer and publisher BulkyPix announce their next iOS hit: Dead Effect. The space zombies slaughter starts on September 12 on iPhone and iPad. Dead Effect is a survival FPS in which you are an elite member of the unit 13, the last man standing! Your spaceship, the ESS Meridian, is full of zombies. Your goal is simple, survive and find out wath happened on board. Use your multiples weapons to find a path across the zombie swarm. In both campaign or arena mode, explore an amazing full 3D environment and fight zombies like if they were real. Enjoy more than 15 hours of brain suckers extermination.
  • Full 3D environment
  • Unlock tons of weapons throughout the campaign
  • An epic single player campaign awaits you. Space is cold and full of horrors.
  • Enjoy 2 game modes: Campaign and Arena
  • Find out what happened in the ISS Meridian and try to survive

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