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5 Spooky New Games to Play this Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching on next Thursday. Whether you're planning on dressing up and going out for a party or trick-or-treating is up to you, but the next couple weeks will be all about monsters, horror movies and other signs of this spooky holiday season. Halloween begins on October 31, but gamers can get in on the action early by dressing up as their favorite heroes, monsters or other characters in awesome video games right now. Who know, you may even find a new character to model your Halloween costume after in these fun video games. Gamers like to celebrate Halloween just as much as the next person, so here are five great video game choices for you to pick up and play for this Halloween on your Xbox 360!

How to Survive
How to Survive is a great new cooperative zombie survival game releasing just in time for Halloween this week. The new release can be compared to Minecraft meets Fallout with players washing up on shore of a desert island chain and must find shelter and food and scavenge supplies to craft weapons and tools needed to last through the outbreak and escape the island hell. If you and your friends don't have any plans this Halloween, pick up a copy of How to Survive and head into online or offline 2-player sessions and see if you have what it takes to make it off the island alive!

Diablo III
Diablo III is another great choice for a cooperative game to play for Halloween. Once gamers are done with their costumes, it still won't be weird to dress as an elf, orc, wizard and similar fantasy characters as long as we're talking about in-game characters. Diablo III recently released for consoles and is one of the best ways to play the game with up to three other players while battling all sorts of demons, spirits, ghouls and other creepy crawlies. Diablo III may not be the scariest game around, but it definitely deserves a spot on any game list as one of the first great horror adventure games ever.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days
With Season 4 of The Walking Dead television show in full effect, an impending war headed for The Walking Dead comic series and the release of The Walking Dead Season 2 video game on its way, there is no better time to pick up and play The Walking Dead: 400 Days. The game features only one episode, but it's a good one that introduces fans to a batch of new characters attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse while still holding on to a piece of their humanity. There is plenty of intense drama throughout the episode, and fans of last year's Game of the Year will definitely enjoy the new title. Best of all, fans can pick it up on sale for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network right now.

Foul Play
Foul Play is a new downloadable title for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam that takes a humorous look at the history of daemonolgy from the recollection of Baron Dashforth and his assistant, Scampwick. The new beat 'em up all takes place on stage with plenty of costumed actors taking the place of daemons, monsters and other enemies the duo faced during their adventures, and the game looks very similar to trick-or-treaters heading to their next house down the block with so many costumed characters on screen at any given time. The game focuses on racking up combination attacks rather than trying to not take too much damage from enemies, so try not to get distracted by the theater audience!

Skylanders SWAP Force
Skylanders SWAP Force is probably the least scary game on the list, but Halloween has become one of the most important holiday for kids, so why not try out the best kid's game this Halloween? Skylanders SWAP Force is plenty of fun no matter how old of a gamer you are, and all new features including the ability to jump and platform around levels, experience new elemental areas and more make this the best release for the Skylanders series yet. The new SWAP Force characters are even getting into the Halloween spirit by literally swapping halves of their bodies to dress up as each other in the game. If you need any other reasons to pick up the game for Halloween, we can safely say that Kaos' mother is pretty frightening as one of the main antagonists in the game, so there's that also.

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