Curse of Chucky (Movie Review)

Curse of Chucky is the sixth installment in the series and inevitably the worst. The team returns with writer David Mancini, producer David Kirschner, and actor Brad Dourif  as the infamous voice of Chucky! In Curse of Chucky, serial killer Charles Lee Ray has been trapped in the body of a Good Guy Doll, and has failed miraculously at trying to reclaim a new human body. As a fan of the Child Play series since a child myself, I found the new release to be a disgrace to the series as a whole. Curse of Chucky takes a wacky storyline mixes it with terrible acting and turns out to be a real stinker in the end.

Curse of Chucky starts out by introducing our main heroine Nica (Fiona Dourif) and her crazy mother Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle) who live in a gothic style house in the middle of nowhere that looks like something that would be the home of Norman Bates. Nica is a paraplegic who basically takes care of her mom that sets all day making art projects out of paper. One day a mysterious package shows up at their door and inside lies a Good Guy doll and a hell of a ugly one at that. The Good Guy doll looks nothing like the dolls the series is known for and frankly I hated the new look. Anyway, Sarah thinks that it is a practical joke while Nica aims to give it to her niece who loves dolls. Sarah has other plans and throws the doll in the trash which turns out to be a bad move on her part. Hey, Good Guy dolls are a collectible, come on! Well, long story short, Sarah has a little accident off the top of the stairs and ends up dead.

Aww, how death brings a family together or let's say, how it brings in the gold diggers! In rolls Nica's sister Barbie (Danielle Bisutti), Barb's husband Ian (Brennan Elliott), Barb's daughter Alice (Summer H. Howell), the Nanny (Maitland McConnell), and good old Father Frank (A Martinez). The team busts in on the scene to basically kick Nica out to an assisting living facility and take the house. Well that was the plan, not like anyone would live to see it through. Essentially, most of the movie, you have Nica rolling around saying a few sentences while giving strange looks into the far yonder. Since, well she is rather slow, most of the movie has her figuring things out about 15 minutes after it was already happening. We already know her sister Barb is scum, and basically her family has been having a hard time, and wants to roll in to act like the concerned family member. Basically, Curse of Chucky is a long drawn out movie of slow camera angles around corners and zoom ups on various items like bowls of chili to get you all trembling in your boots. The movie goes down like this, Barb is having an affair with the nanny (got have lesbian action in these kind of movies to draw away from the terrible script), Ian knows about affair but Barb tries act like he is the one doing it, Father Frank is the first to die, Nica is blamed for all of their murders, and Alice goes to live with grandma. Yeah, I just saved you from wasting 97 minutes of your life, your welcome!

Curse of Chucky does everything wrong, I can't even think of anything I actually enjoyed. You find out at the very end that Charles Lee Ray was the neighbor of the family when Nica was still in her mom's tummy, and he supposingly became obsessed with the mother and everything bad in the family's life was the result of the little dark secret of all the terror he caused way back when. He just wanted to play house! Yeah, right. The things that didn't sit right with me is that it didn't play into Charles Lee Ray's character at all. Yeah, he was a sadistic, serial killer yet none of the movies had him obsessed with women like that. Plus, he had Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) whom the whole series shows he was devoted to. How did Chucky get to the house? Well, Tiffany mails him! Yeah right! In the last movie, Seed of Chucky, Glen kills Chucky because he is trying to kill Tiffany. The movie then ends with Tiffany, Glen and the new child in human bodies and Chucky nowhere to be found. Yet, there is no mention of that in the new film. However, instead of getting a new human body like the rest of his family, he goes out to kill some woman and her family that he was supposingly obsessed with 25 years ago. It comes down to the fact that nothing in the new film fit with what we have seen over the series, and it was a bunch of crap.

All-in-all, Curse of Chucky is a terrible movie with its horrendously written script, awful performances, and mediocre visual effects. And again, what the hell was up with that messed up looking doll? Sure, they try to imply that Chucky used latex to cover up his gashes but still, the doll was a no go for me. I am a lifelong Child's Play fan and found myself doubting everything after watching this movie. Our recommendation, do not buy or rent this movie! Curse of Chucky isn't even worth it if you get a free Redbox rental...yeah, it's that bad. The film does contain a curse though, the curse of regret, once you buy this movie and realize you can't get those minutes of your life back.
Score: 1 out of 10

Movie Features
Initial release: August 2, 2013
Director: Don Mancini
Running time: 97 minutes
MPAA rating: R
Prequel: Seed of Chucky
Cast: Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Chantal Quesnelle, Danielle Bisutti, Maitland McConnell, Brennan Elliott and Summer H. Howell.
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