Adventure Park Launches With 20% Off Discount On Steam

bitComposer has announced the release of Adventure Park for PC via Steam. For one week, the game will be 20% off and all you to build your very own theme park. The game features Campaign or Free Play modes in over eight fun settings where you can invest in new rides and custom rollercoasters to make the park your own. Read on.

From the Press Release
What would you do with the power to create the theme park of your dreams? Perhaps you would become the brilliant creator of a rollercoaster kingdom, the architect of inspiring landscapes, or even the tyrannical overlord of high-priced concessions. It's your park, your rules. Adventure Park, available now for PC on Steam, gives you the power to build and control every facet of your own personal theme park and take a seat to experience it all firsthand. Hire the workers, invest in new rides, shape the landscapes, and above all, keep your customers happy. With a touch of creativity and a keen mind for business, you can turn a barren plot of land into a stunning empire.

One-week launch sale for 20-percent off:

  • Build the park of your dreams in Campaign or Free Play modes in eight unique settings.
  • Invest in new rides and create custom rollercoasters with the track builder.
  • Be sure to feed your guests and give them a place to *ahem*
  • Skillfully manage everything from ticket prices to disgruntled workers.
  • Use landscaping tools to sculpt the environment to your liking.
  • Travel through the park and hop in a seat to experience a ride firsthand.

To learn more, visit the official Adventure Park website.

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