Jam Labs Release Shape Jam for iOS and Android Devices

Jam Labs has announced their debut app Shape Jam which can now be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. The puzzle game will have players racking their brain as they progress the game's challenging gameplay and sleek graphics. If you ready to start racking your brain to solve these tricky challenges then read on.

From the Press Release
Jam Labs, Inc., an independent game developer formed by MIT graduates, today announced that Shape Jam, their debut app, is now available on iOS and Android platforms. Shape Jam, a competitive puzzle game with brain-bending, tricky gameplay, is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, with a premium version also available via in-app purchase for $1.99. Casual players and puzzle fiends alike will find a new challenge in Shape Jam, with sleek, minimalist graphics and quick ‘anytime, anywhere’ play sessions that keep the game focused on the core experience.

Shape Jam can be downloaded now on the App Store and on Google Play.

In Shape Jam, players must quickly match tiles into groups where each of the tiles' three elements must either all differ or be identical. This one rule presents a tricky, brain-twisting challenge, requiring players to think fast in order to pick correct matches from the field. Shape Jam’s features include:

  • Match 3^3: Ordinary match-3 gameplay gives way to a greater challenge, where matches require players to pay close attention to multiple factors
  • Whose Brain is in Shape? Challenge friends or strangers in competitive head-to-head matches and record your best scores; keep a running score tally for intellectual rivalry
  • It's Your Jam: Elegant minimalist presentation and rapid games keep players in the zone, with nothing to get between brains and challenges. Detailed game statistics reveal just how well one is playing, tracking personal progress and improvement · Play Anywhere, Anytime - SERIOUSLY: Get caught up on asynchronous matches even without an internet connection; play your turns offline and then sync up when you have access
  • Hone your skills and top the table: The premium version of Shape Jam ($1.99, in-app purchase) includes leaderboards and detailed game statistics as well as a single player practice mode, allowing players to hone their skills and compare their progress with friends.

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