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PlusUs Announces LifeLink For Smartphones

PlusUs has announced LifeLink which is the world's thinnest and most compact cable for smartphones. The cable can be carried in your wallet, purse or just about anywhere for those times you need to charge or sync your device. If you have been looking for the ultra compact portable cable then look no further then LifeLink. Read on.

From the Press Release
PlusUs developers of radical technology products that make staying connected easier, announced today LifeLink, the world’s thinnest, most compact smartphone cable. LifeLink is an ultra-portable smart cable that’s easy to carry in your wallet, purse, or even with your keys, so you are never caught without your Micro USB, Lightning, 30-pin cable when you need to charge or sync your device. At only 2 credit cards thin (0.098 inches or 2.5mm), LifeLink gives you the ultimate convenience of portability. The patent-pending design lets LifeLink expand from the length of a credit card to more than double the length (7 inches or 178 mm), so that you can easily access your device while charging and synching.

Solves the Epidemic of Forgotten Cables When You’re On the Go
To solve the epidemic of forgotten cables when you are on the go, LifeLink’s iconic design had to be radical. “Everyone is terrified of being caught stranded without a cable and a dead phone. Let’s face it, smartphones have gotten smarter but their cables have not. They're bulky, messy and easy to forget. Our devices are portable but why shouldn’t our cables be? PlusUs broke the rules in order to deliver an ultra-compact portable cable, while still securing durability and flexibility,” said Fays Sekkouah, Co-Founder, PlusUs.

LifeLink’s slim red cable is toughened with heavy-duty Teflon, so it is very durable, while still allowing 360ยบ maneuverability and the ability to open to double its size. The perforated overmolds contrast beautifully with the red cable, yet are engineered to add more flexibility.

3 Versions to Fit Your Device
LifeLink is available for all Apple devices (Lightning and 30-pin) and Android / Blackberry devices (Micro USB). At only 3.35” length x 0.98” height x 0.87” width (85 mm x 2.5mm x 22mm) and a light-weight design of just 0.21ounces (6 grams), it is extremely compact when folded.

Available for Pre-Order for Limited Time
LifeLink will retail for $24. For a limited time only, it is available for pre-order at $14 with the coupon code “getlifelink” The price will continue to rise during the pre-order campaign. Go to getlifelink.com and be one of the first to own LifeLink. The product ships this Winter.

Changing the World One LifeLink at a Time
LifeLink goes beyond making a difference to the way you charge on the go. With every LifeLink ordered, PlusUs contributes towards a cause of your choice, such as providing education for a child, shelter for a family, or clean water for a community. Find out more here: getlifelink.com.

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