Sword of the Stars:The Pit Gets Gold Edition Bundle

Kerberos Productions has announced a new Gold Edition bundle for Sword of the Stars: The Pit.

Today, Vancouver-based game developers Kerberos Productions will celebrate its first decade as an independent studio with the release of a new bundle for its first full-indie computer game, Sword of the Stars:The Pit. The new Gold Edition bundle will give players of the popular sci-fi roguelike the chance to play three new alien classes, including the insectoid Hiver Warrior, the cetacean Liir Seeker, and the avian Morrigi Striker! And of course, new playable characters will also mean new weapons, items, crafting recipes, and monsters to encounter throughout the game.Besides the series bundle, experienced players will be able to pick up all the new content with the Gold Edition DLC.

To learn more, visit the official The Pit website.

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