Xbox One and PS4 Orders Are Only A Click Away With BuyVia

If you have not yet pre-ordered the upcoming Xbox One and PS4, then BuyVia now offers gamers easy access to when consoles become available. The app helps users keep track of the PS4 and Xbox One, and when they become available, alongside new deals with updates every five minutes. Read on to learn more.

BuyVia is the first website and mobile app to combine in-store and online shopping across smartphones, tablets and laptops. For the upcoming launch of Xbox One and PS4, BuyVia has a new PS4 and Xbox One tracker online and in its iOS/Android App that helps shoppers keep track of when these new consoles (and their related deals) become available. The page/app updates every 5 minutes with inventory status, so you users don’t have to constantly check every store’s website.

To learn more, visit the official BuyVia website.

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