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Enter The Spirit World With Ouija Party Now Available for Android Devices

Ouija Party is now available to download on Google Play for Android devices.

Ouija Party is a multiplayer entertainment app which utilises speech recognition technology and a ‘secret blend’ of language generation systems. This technology provides the user with ‘otherworldly’ responses to their questions– it even allows the 'spirits' to communicate with an ethereal voice! Players will listen and wonder at the mysteriously fitting replies.

Ouija Party can be both profound and hilarious. This is because the responses generated will depend on the mood of the ‘spirits’ as well as the location of the interaction. Much like the original 'spiritualist' sessions, Ouija Party is best played with friends. A darkened room is recommended.

History of the Concept
Ouija Party began as a conversation between a philosopher and an artist. After some profound and nuanced discussion, a promise was made: if the philosopher died first, he would attempt to communicate from the afterlife. When the philosopher’s death became a reality, the artist opened a gift: it was a book. It was revelatory. It inspired the artist to imagine a utility that could ‘channel’ ghostly responses. In essence, she imagined a machine that could facilitate conversation with the philosopher’s ‘spirit.’ From this vision, Ouija Party was born.

To learn more, visit the official Ouija Party Google Play page.

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